Bisila Bokoko Embodies The Essence of Modern Girl Power Ahead of International Women’s Day

Ladies across the globe have been quick to embrace a new role model as Bisila Bokoko continues to inspire, motivate and empower. As a businesswoman, award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, brand ambassador, fashionista and mother, the Afro-Spaniard femme fatale is at the vanguard of a worldwide woman’s movement – and she hopes to inspire even more women throughout March thanks to International Women’s Day.

Armed with Master’s degrees in International Relations/Business and Law, Ms Bokoko has built herself a global reputation as a pioneering corporate leader. Throughout her career Bisila Bokoko has established strong global alliance partnerships, built high performance organisations and helped expanding businesses tap into international markets. In a bid to share her expertise, the multilingual businesswoman established Bisila Bokoko Embassy Services International (BBESI) in New York City. The boutique service is underpinned by a goal of bridging the gap between a myriad of international markets including gastronomy, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, arts and culture. The embassy upkeeps a presence in countries across the globe, aiming to open doors, represent international interests and help brands take their business to the next level.

Her efforts have won her widespread recognition and led to dynamic involvement in EMPRETEC, a United Nations programme that supports up and coming entrepreneurs. Ms Bokoko fronted the women’s scheme and actively worked to support female entrepreneurs in their efforts to launch hard hitting businesses.

“I believe that brains and beauty go hand in hand, with women playing an integral role in the transforming face of modern business,” explains Ms Bokoko. 

In 2010 Bokoko branched out into the wine industry and launched an international award-winning eponymous brand made in Spain.  Now esteemed as one of Europe’s finest drops, Bisila Wines is the embodiment of Bokoko’s commitment to success.

As well as building an international business empire, Ms Bokoko is also the founder and chairperson of her very own non-profit organisation. With a mission of promoting literacy and a presence in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda, the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project (BBALP) builds modern libraries in an attempt to spread the gifts of knowledge, education and enlightenment throughout the continent.

Of course, every woman loves to flaunt a show stopping wardrobe and Ms Bokoko has embedded this passion with a social conscience. Advocating for creativity and sustainable change, Ms Bokoko has won herself places on several prestigious advisory boards including United Colors Of Fashion and the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Foundation. Her unique style, impeccable taste and meticulous eye for detail has seen her grace the pages of Harper's Bazaar, The Sunday Times and be featured on Bloomberg TV.

In-between juggling career commitments Bokoko’s duty as a mother of two has never wavered. Balancing motherhood with professional endeavours hasn’t been easy but with enough passion, drive and motivation, she maintains that any woman can do it.

She explains, “It’s always been my dream to be a catalyst for change. I truly believe that women have so much more to offer and I’m driven by a desire to empower ladies and show them that they can be successful in every aspect of their lives, from business to babies and beyond.”

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With a myriad of personal and professional achievements under her belt, Bisila Bokoko is one of the world’s most well-respected women. As well as being a businesswoman, entrepreneur, philanthropist and global brand ambassador she is also a mother of two and passionate advocate for the empowerment of women. Splitting her time between New York City and Europe, she pioneered both Bisila Bokoko Embassy International and the Bisila Bokoko African Literacy Project.