Book Launch: Sofa Dodger; One Woman’s Quest to Try 100 Sports & Fitness Classes in a Year

37 year old, mother of three, Sam Taylor took on the challenge of trying 100 different sports and fitness classes in a year.  The book which documents her adventures is due to launch on Amazon on the 1stMay 2016.  Sam commented “Throughout my challenge, so many people were interested in my story, I decided to compile my experiences into a book” she continued “I am sure a lot of people can relate to living a sedentary lifestyle, feeling out of shape but not sure how to get themselves motivated into getting active and off the sofa”.

The challenge took Sam across the UK, where she tried everything from Archery and Korfball to Wheelchair Rugby and Underwater Hockey.  “I wanted to write the book to document the highs and lows of the whole year, from the tears after yoga to the screaming 40ft up a wall whilst climbing, to trying not to wet myself whilst trampolining!” She went on, “Throughout I tried not to take myself too seriously; I am never going to take up American Football for instance but for the time I was there, I gave it everything I had!”

Sofa Dodger not only documents Sam’s challenge but it also contains contributions from the instructors, players and coaches that Sam met along the way.  “Some of the stories I heard from the people I met were truly inspiring and I felt that they were just as important to capture, as my own experiences”.

The book will have you laughing, with her self-deprecating style and inspired by what can be achieved if you set your mind to it. Sofa Dodger will appeal to anybody of any age, who feels like they want to get off the sofa and try something new.  “I truly believe that there is a sport or fitness class out there for everybody, no matter your size, shape, age, ability or background; you just have to find it”.

The book is now available to buy at Amazon here

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About the Author

Cornish based author Sam Taylor is a full time mum of three and lives with her partner on the outskirts of Bodmin Moor, where they run their business together.

Sam launched to try and show what sports and fitness classes are available locally.  She is passionate about community sport, where she helps run the local hockey club and is a PE governor.  Sam founded the successful SofaDodger blog and writes for Fitpro magazine.

She is currently piloting a mini version of her challenge, which will encourage nearly 1,000 primary school children to try different activities, which will reward their enthusiasm for trying something different, not their ability.