Boost Warehouse Performance With Robust Fleet of Trucks from Pallet Trucks UK

One of the country’s leading providers of pallet trucks and manual handling solutions has spoken out about warehouse performance, and how it can be boosted with the help of robust, high-quality equipment. Pallet Trucks UK put huge efforts into sourcing and supplying the most reliable, hard-wearing pieces of equipment around, providing them to warehouses that need to know their manual handling equipment can be depended upon; now they are encouraging all warehouse owners and managers to prize reliability and durability over flashy features and shiny components, in order to make significant strides forward in the industry.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, which has in stock a multitude of high-quality pallet trucks, stacker trucks, lift tables and aerial work platforms, says, “There is nothing more important than being able to rely on equipment to carry out a job in the warehousing industry. Trucks need to be hardwearing and strong, with the ability to lift a high volume of goods, and the employees need to be able to use them without fear of malfunction or breakage. At Pallet Trucks UK we source only the best pallet trucks and manual handling solutions for sale to those working in the warehouse industry, and we understand that reliability is a fundamental feature when it comes to efficiency, productivity and low costs in the workplace.”

Hand pallet trucks are the lifeblood of many warehouses; they put in the hard work so employees don’t have to, lifting huge capacities and allowing them to be transported across the workplace with ease. Being able to rely on these trucks to carry out this basic job is often what the foundation of a warehousing business is built on; choosing the best hand pallet trucks for the job provides a solid base for all other operations to be carried out and keeps the business ticking over efficiently. These trucks are also incredibly low cost; the initial investment is offset by the productivity increase they facilitate, and they require no fuel or oil, no costly replacement parts; just basic maintenance and careful monitoring by the users on a daily or weekly basis.

It is not just pallet trucks that must be relied on in order to create a functioning, efficient and profit-generating workplace. Manual stacker trucks are an essential part of many warehouse operations, as they can increase storage space and allow businesses to store products upwards rather than outwards, making the most of the allotted space. Aerial work platforms allow work to be carried out at height, and they must be reliable and robust enough to provide a safe platform for employees using them. Pallet truck chocks must be hardwearing and durable enough to prevent heavy trucks from moving during unloading in delivery bays; any error or fault with these pieces of equipment can result in injury to employees or breakage of important goods.

Reliability and durability is crucial for many of the pieces of equipment used in the warehousing industry; Pallet Trucks UK’s warehouse has over £7m of high-quality equipment in stock, all of it tried, tested and proven to be incredibly hardwearing and dependable for a wide range of applications.

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About Pallet Trucks UK: Pallet Trucks UK is part of the Midland Bearings Ltd Group. It occupies a 60,000 sq ft distribution warehouse containing over £7 million worth of materials handling stock available for immediate shipping.