Brand New CrazySunsets App Launches Today For Instant Sunshine All Year Round

An iconic new app with the power to bathe even the darkest of days in glorious sunshine launches today. Inspirational, motivational and infused with feel good mojo, CrazySunsets is the perfect antidote to the winter blues.

Developed by Crazy Obvious Ltd, CrazySunsets helps adventurers to keep and manage all of the memories of the sunsets they’ve seen and the places they’ve been. The app fuses cutting-edge functionality with ease of use to ensure beautiful sunsets never get lost in the shuffle again. Plucking the most striking pictures of fabulous sunsets from a camera roll full to bursting of photos, the app organises each memorable shot, stores them all in one easy to find location and sorts each sunset by country, date and location. The app uses the very latest in GPS and data tagging technology to map and save user images.

Neil Kadagathur, director of Crazy Obvious Ltd said, “How many times do you look at a picture more than once? We all love taking pictures of gorgeous sunsets, especially when we're travelling. But until now, there was no good way to organise them, so they just got lost amongst the thousands of other pictures snapped on our smartphones each year. CrazySunsets is an easy and fun way to ensure your day is filled with a little sunshine every day!”

Available now for free download from the iTunes App Store, CrazySunsets can be used to take pictures directly from the app or be filled with favourite sunsets from the camera roll. It automatically sorts the sunsets, using embedded GPS and date data to build a virtual globe of sunscapes.

Location and time data can be added by dragging and dropping a digital pin on a map, helping to create a permanent footprint of all of the places visited, countries explored and sunsets experienced. The user can easily scroll through their own personal library of stunning sunsets by swiping left or right on the app, triggering a panoramic montage that never fails to brighten a rainy day. For those looking to relive a specific memory, just spin the globe and tap the pins. Sunsets can also be shared socially at the click of a button, and sent to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or an email recipient.

To find out more about CrazySunsets and to see a library of striking sunsets, visit

Issued by Dakota Digital. For further information please contact Rebecca Appleton. Email: or Tel: 01623 428996.

About Crazy Obvious Ltd: Based in London, Crazy Obvious Ltd develop a range of mobile apps. Their first app, CrazySunsets is available to download now from the iTunes AppStore.