Brand New Platform,, Allows Public to Find and Compare Solicitors and Seek Free Legal Advice

Introducing – the brand new free-to-use platform helping the public to find and compare solicitors, obtain free legal advice and brush up on their rights.

Built by an expert legal team, provides a comprehensive legal hub for businesses and individuals, ensuring that everyone can find the best legal representation for them, whether they’re buying a property, making a personal injury claim or undergoing a divorce. The extensive database is loaded with thousands of solicitors from all over the UK, showcasing their credentials and enabling those with legal issues to connect with the qualified experts they feel will best represent their interests.

The site will also offer a multitude of resources to help the public brush up on their legal rights and obligations. An ‘Ask A Solicitor’ feature allows users to submit questions to be answered by a qualified legal expert completely free of charge, while a catalogue of free legal guides provides information on a variety of popular legal topics, from employment law to wills and probate, and everything in between.

Nicholas Tate, Managing Director of, says, “The British public are far more in-the-know than they’ve ever been before when it comes to their legal rights – and we want to continue in that vein, offering a comprehensive legal forum where they can connect with solicitors, ask questions and learn more about the law. We know that searching for a solicitor can be a daunting task, especially in the wake of trauma like a personal injury or the prospect of impending divorce – so we’ve put together a database of the UK’s finest legal representatives, to ensure the public knows that there’s someone ready to fight their corner.”

The site will also offer an invaluable service for solicitors, allowing them to pitch their services and skills, as well as offering a range of fixed-price offers via the ‘Legal Offers’ section. By connecting solicitors with clients and ensuring everyone can find and compare appropriate legal representation, is helping to promote justice and fairness in all legal matters.

Tate adds, “As well as offering a fantastic place for the public to become better informed about the law, offers legal experts an effective marketing strategy that allows them to connect and interact with potential clients simply off the back of their profile. This method is highly practical, especially for busy solicitors that can’t afford to spend time tracking down new clients when they’re busy with existing cases.”

The site already has many solicitors registered, waiting to communicate with new clients about possible cases that need to be resolved. Any members of the public seeking representation in any area of law – whether it’s family law, property law, employment law or personal injury law – should visit the site today, for all the legal assistance they need.

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