Brioche Burger Sources New Halal Certified Aberdeen Angus Supplier

A gourmet burger bar is shaking up the London culinary scene by flipping 100% Halal certified Aberdeen Angus patties accompanied by fine steak cuts, fresh ingredients and fantastic service. The new partnership with a HMC Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus supplier positions Brioche Burger as the capital’s only restaurant serving Halal certified Aberdeen Angus sourced directly from British pastures.

By sourcing 100% HMC Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus that’s been dry aged for 21 days, Brioche Burger succeeds in offering its punters an utterly unique culinary experience. Not only is the restaurant London’s only establishment to boast Halal certified Aberdeen Angus but it also joins the ranks as one of the few UK locales to serve up the premium quality beef accompanied by genuine Halal certification. This means London’s Muslim community can now enjoy tantalisingly tasty beef with the total peace of mind that’s it’s been prepared according to Islamic law.

Farhad Chowdhury, Managing Director said, “There’s no shortage of burger joints in London but what is missing is Halal certified options that offer punters taste, quality and innovation. Brioche Burger breaks the mould with a menu featuring 100% HMC Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus aged for 21 days and prepared with a genuine passion for flavour.”

To celebrate the new partnership with its Halal certified Aberdeen Angus supplier Brioche Burger has made the switch to custom Brioche Potato rolls. Now, every handcrafted gourmet burger will come sandwiched between a freshly baked bun crafted from the finest British grown spuds.

To do the new additions justice Brioche Burger has designed a special menu that shines the spotlight on the premium quality Aberdeen Angus beef. Chefs employ the vigorous ‘smash method’ to enhance flavours, tenderise the meat and create a rich brown crust with an irresistible crunch. All burgers are made to order which guarantees customers absolute freshness, every time.

With its ultra-convenient location in one of Stratford’s most popular shopping centres, Brioche Burger is just a tube ride away. From East London locals to culinary enthusiasts residing on the other side of the city, Brioche Burger’s all new HMC Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus menu is set to attract diners from far and wide.

As a family run restaurant Brioche Burger is committed to backing up its menu with exceptional customer service that leaves punters beaming. This means customers can expect 100% HMC Grass Fed Aberdeen Angus, served with a smile.

Find Brioche Burger at East Shopping Centre, 232 Green St, London, E7 8LE

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Located in Upton Park, Brioche Burger is a family owned restaurant serving up a delicious menu of home cooked, freshly made food. The menu draws inspiration from a myriad of global flavours, with all items fully halal and HMC Certified.