Btab to Empower Thousands of Small Ecommerce Businesses and Unemployed

A new service offering support throughout the ecommerce process aims to help thousands of small businesses to reach a larger market and improve overall operations. Btab is also calling on unemployed individuals to turn their attention to the ecommerce industry and set up their own business venture.

The global ecommerce market is growing at an explosive pace with 2016 sales expected to top $1.9 trillion and to reach $2.3 trillion by 2018. The Managed Ecommerce service, provided by Btab, will help existing small businesses and new entrepreneurs tap into this growing market by supporting them every step of the way, from setting up an initial website at no cost to providing after sale support to their customers.

Consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to online sales thanks to the convenience, value and variety it offers. Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba, estimated to be worth over $300 billion and $200 billion respectively, prove that ecommerce has the potential to deliver huge profits. Despite the appetite for ecommerce it can be difficult for small businesses to compete with big businesses and attract customers.

Btab is now providing an ecommerce solution to help small businesses compete. Thousands of people have already registered their interest in the service, with the first Ecommerce Showroom launching soon in Western Australia. Showrooms across other Australian states will follow.

Iby Moh, Head of Corporate Affairs of Btab said, “People and businesses often decide to take a step into the world of ecommerce only to find they face numerous challenges, such as competing with large rivals, huge start-up costs and difficulties working with suppliers due to wanting lower quantities of products. These obstacles drive many inspiring entrepreneurs away from the industry when they could add value to the economy and provide jobs. That’s why Btab aims to empower existing small businesses and new entrepreneurs by providing all the support they need.”

Businesses that take advantage of Btab’s services will have access to help throughout all the processes associated with selling online, from creating an initial structure to working with customers. Using Btab gives business owners

and entrepreneurs an opportunity to focus on other projects or a specific area of the business knowing it will still be operating smoothly.

The organisation will help start-ups create their ecommerce site and manage online sales 24/7. Btab can also connect small businesses with manufacturers around the world allowing them to access better deals and a greater range through creating shared orders in larger quantities with other businesses. Other services that can be provided by Btab include offering a storage place for goods, managing online marketing activities, directing delivery and pickups, and offering after sales support, such as arranging exchanges and returns.

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Btab aims to provide affordable online technology to small businesses to allow them to compete with the technology that big companies are using. Services offered include support building a marketing platform across Btab network, providing managed ecommerce services, securing useful domain names and creating social marketplaces.