Business Cards: A Professional’s Most Accessible Marketing Tool

As a medium which has been used on a daily basis for centuries now, many businesses and professionals are in danger of taking the humble business card for granted. Debate rages about how relevant they are in the digital age we now live in, but the fact remains that none of the innovative types of digital business card have really taken off or found a way to replace the original format as of yet. Personalised business cards are a necessity, and many businesses can improve their communications with clients by seeing a business card as their most prominent and accessible marketing tool.

One of the best ways an individual can improve the marketing potential of their professional business card is by making it multi-functional. Giving a card a purpose other than to impart contact details encourages a client or contact to hold onto the card for longer. Turning it into a bookmark, a scratch card, a discount stamp collector or another object which can be used for more than simply reading will not only offer a reason for people to hang onto the card longer, it will also demonstrate a creativity and dynamism that  will reflect well on the business as a whole.

If handing over a business card to a relative stranger, it can be difficult for this simple piece of paper to convince them that your business is worth a punt. Adding a brief testimonial-style quote or a link to a testimonial web page to a business card speaks volumes about the level of customer service and interaction a business has with its clients. Not only does it offer a ringing endorsement of the company, it demonstrates to the recipient that the business sets much store by its clients and customers’ opinions.

Though technology has not quite overtaken the printed business card yet, there are elements of technology which can be implemented in order to increase, or at least observe, the effectiveness of a business card. Tracking a card with a QR code allows individuals to assess how well their card is received, as well as tracking the elements of the card which compel people to act. Design two different business cards with a QR code and hand them out to the same number of people; the QR code which receives the most referrals is the one which clients identify with most and the one which should be used from then on.

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