Business Development Expert Dr Edward Nugent Releases Definitive Guide to Making Most of the Current Online Business Opportunity

A book that contains a practical guide to online marketing is being released which offers businesses advice on how to get more customers and how to earn more revenue per customer.

Dr Edward Nugent, who has worked with business development and marketing for more than 20 years is the author of Online Marketing - The Ultimate Marketing System - the definitive guide to making the most of the current online opportunity to help your business grow and develop.

There are no silver bullets or magic solutions, but a wide selection of steps and processes that businesses can follow to be succesful.

Dr Nugent who is Irish and has spent his professional life in Sweden, The UK and Spain working with mobile and digital marketing for over 20 years. This has given him a broad perspective when working with clients and he says that businesses who use his book should be prepared to excel.

“Growth is attainable for any business that wishes it by following the processes”.

“I see it as a start of The New Web as we go from having websites to using the web and all the tools that are now available to drive real business growth. It takes the myth out of the tech side of the web and shows how to use different tools for your business”.

Dr Nugent who has a PhD in Business Strategy from Cranfield University, UK also manages the online presence for the largest kitchen retailer in Ireland. He has also spent over $2M of his own money on Google Adwords over the past number of years and now works advising private clients.

Online Marketing - The Ultimate Marketing System uses real examples such as;

l  Marketing as a process, not an event

l  An outline of the marketing process and all its parts

l  A review and pragmatic approach as to how to implement all the parts of the marketing process to improve your business.

l  Details on the key enabler that has been so successfully used as part of the implementation of a digital marketing strategy

l  Examples from a range of industries including, furniture manufacturers, jewellery retailer, hotel, real estate and restaurant

l  A test to evaluate your own marketing is included.

When using the book Dr Nugent says that you will elevate yourself above your competition helping your business reach new heights.

Andrew Winder, a business owner in Brighton said: “I have used online marketing for the past two years and I can confirm that it works! I am now implementing the Retail Booster with Edward to make even more use of the internet and maximise the opportunity”.

The book is not a ‘get rich quick guide’, however it will teach businesses a set of empowering tools as well as give advice which allows them to take full control of their work and make full use of the online opportunity that is there for the taking for all businesses, large and small.

Written for serious business people, implementation is a key element to the book of which if you do not find it to be of value, you can get 100% money back guarantee. 

“If you don't like what you read let me know and I will give you a full refund. Can't say fairer than that, can I?”

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