Business Leaders Faced with Serious Challenges Must Find New Style of Strategic Support

The turnover rate of CEOs and corporations in the last decade paints a telling picture of the stresses facing the modern large company: 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs have lasted less than 3 years, 40% of new CEOs have failed in their first 18 months on the job, and the turnover rate of Fortune 500 companies has been almost 50%. By the turn of this decade, half of the current FTSE 350 and Fortune 500 could be replaced by more focused, more agile and more competitive companies. Organisations that were previously successful in an environment of resource abundance and limited competition will have their business models severely tested. Many will find their strategic attention is spread too thin, their operations are too cumbersome, their customers too disengaged, their staff too worn, and the whole situation too complex to tackle. Mid to large organisations will face stiff competition from fast-paced, innovative and adaptable small to medium sized enterprises and agencies – smart, focused, highly competitive and a pleasure to buy from and work with. For medium and large organisations and senior teams seeking compelling results in the face of these challenges, London-based Resonant Strategy is a service designed to deliver strategic change.

Western business leaders today face a litany of serious challenges; depressed economic conditions, fast changing consumer behaviours, difficult regulatory environments, competitive pressure from emerging markets and companies, sagging employee morale, and the murky prospect of resource scarcity and global climate change. Adapting a business model to face these changing circumstances takes leadership courage, a clear strategic plan, the support of your key stakeholders, and increasingly, well-placed expert help. Where seasoned staff can fail to spot issues and insights hidden in plain sight, a fresh view from the right expert can put the organised back into organisation. Founded by seasoned strategist Radhika Chadwick, Resonant Strategy has developed a proprietary process proven to drive strategic change in complex situations. It sees itself as an antidote to big consulting, built on a seriously collaborative approach that helps leadership teams to deliver compelling results.

Ms Chadwick said, “Most UK corporations and government departments have experienced using large consultancies, and many organisations now realise they need a different style of support to drive real strategic change. Business leaders recognise the need for experts with deep experience who also bring a uniquely collaborative approach within the company’s culture to help managers and leaders ask the questions they ought to be asking of themselves, and find the answers that unlock the door to transformational change. Genuine change supported by a highly experienced professional can be the difference between sinking or swimming, both at an organisational and a personal level, which is why an increasing number of leaders are finding results with a different kind of strategic support.“

Resonant Strategy encourages businesses and business leaders to focus on the highest priority strategic issues, and bring their key stakeholders on the change journey. The Resonant Strategy Model is an approach to strategic change honed over two decades that brings compelling results for leaders facing complex organisational challenges. Results-driven experience is founded on the back of work with esteemed names such as the BBC, Enron, De La Rue, Hewlett-Packard and the Ministry of Justice. The resulting strategic transformation nurtured by Resonant Strategy helps business leaders and organisations to put the spring back into their step – with significantly reduced costs, a better growth trajectory, improved morale and a clearly defined and articulated focus.

Resonant Strategy delivers market-leading insights and smart ways of working that dramatically increase opportunities to reduce costs, create new growth trajectories, improve operational effectiveness, boost staff engagement, and give stakeholders confidence.

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What clients say

31 August 2012

“In her very professional and highly skilled way Radhika has worked closely with our Board, including the Non-Exec Directors, and taken us through a very thoughtful process of asking some very big and complex questions about where we are and where we need to be over this period. She has gone beyond just our world and drawn in insights from outside of our business and has integrated this thinking into what is now a very powerful expression of the strategic choices we have before us. I am confident that as she has brought this work to a conclusion the Board are in a position to agree the strategy and will enable a very effective clear strategic focus for taking ministers, the Departmental Board and our business through this period of change. She has made a real contribution to our business and the quality of her work and thinking has been excellent.”

Ian Poree, Director of Commissioning & Commercial
National Offender Management Service
UK Ministry of Justice

“After a period of rapid growth, Radhika worked with us to redefine our strategy and vision, and build the working processes and capabilities necessary to deliver the next phase of sustainable growth. Working at pace, Radhika delivered great analysis and practical solutions that all the team were able to buy in to. Quietly inspirational, I would recommend Radhika to any business looking for support in identifying and achieving their business goals”.

James Ramsay, Director

Carbon Clear

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About Resonant Strategy: After nearly two decades in the corporate world, Radhika Chadwick set up Resonant Strategy to help senior executives and Boards drive strategic change in mid to large organisations.

Resonant Strategy specialises in strategic insight, systems thinking, deconstructing complex issues, creating implementable strategies, aligning diverse stakeholders, and providing constructive challenge to limited or institutional reasoning. Working with senior leaders and teams, it brings incisive and experienced judgement together with warmth and accessibility to help senior teams achieve breakthrough results.

Resonant Strategy helps organisations focus on the issues that really matter, stripping away low value effort, and delivering market-leading insights and smart ways of working that dramatically increase opportunities to reduce costs, create new growth trajectories, improve operational effectiveness, boost staff engagement, and give stakeholders confidence.