Businesses Urged to Invest in Back up Power Ahead of Winter Power Shortages

From hospitality to healthcare, data centres to doctor’s surgeries, businesses and organisations are being urged to make sure they have back up power in place ahead of the winter. With the closure of coal power stations, Britain’s power supply is dangerously low, with many predicting blackouts this winter. With spare capacity at just 1.9% of expected demand, power is in short supply – which could mean blackouts and lost profits this season.

Businesses of all sizes should be considering industrial diesel generators to keep the lights on and the company trading. Max Generators stock a huge range of new and used industry standard generators, which act as a back-up power source for companies which can’t afford an outage. In addition to the UK’s worrying power shortage in peak times, the nation also has to be prepared for storms and inclement weather which can also cut power.

William Macdonald, Managing Director of Max Generators said, “Businesses need to be more equipped than ever this year, as the fear of blackouts and power cuts is well justified. Four years ago, The National Grid’s spare capacity was 17% - now it has fallen to just 5.1% and it would be even worse if they hadn’t bought extra supplies for the cold weather ahead.

“As a business, you need to be prepared for absolutely anything. There is no doubt that investing in an industrial generator is an essential part of any disaster recovery plan right now – it’s better to be safe than sorry. For buildings such as schools and hospitals, it’s about much more than keeping the money flowing in – it’s keeping the public safe.”

Diesel generators make ideal back-up power supplies as they can be automatically kick-started into action with an Automatic Transfer Switch and provide a resilient power source. Even blackouts or power outages of a short period such as an hour or less can have a significant impact on business operations – especially if it relies heavily on technology.

As industry experts, Max Generators provide knowledge, advice and a bespoke consultation service for each business, to ensure they choose the most suitable option for their power supply. The company specialises in a range of different brands to offer the best on the market, and also supply refurbished generators to meet all budgets.

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