Celebrities Campaign For Unrestricted Flyer Distribution

The rules regarding the distribution of printed flyers and leaflets are incredibly strict in many areas across the country, with around one in three councils imposing restrictions on the way flyers are handed out. Charges of hundreds of pounds per day as well as the provision of official licenses are all part of the legislation which sees it cost £350 simply to hand out flyers in Basildon on a Saturday afternoon. But comedian Al Murray and entertainment promoted Harvey Goldsmith are campaigning for a change in the law. More than 100 signatories have joined the big names in the fight against flyer fees, which are driving comedy nights, arts festivals, local music venues and small companies out of business.

The guidelines were originally brought in to prevent littering; as part of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005, authorities could designate areas where there is evidence of the land being defaced by the ‘discarding of free printed matter’. The council would then charge anyone who wished to distribute flyers in these areas. The campaign argues that thousands of local events have collapsed in the years since the act came into place, putting livelihoods at risk and penalising those who wish to use printed flyers to maximise the potential of their business or event.

Using printed promotional materials and handing them out on the street is an incredibly popular and effective way to raise awareness regarding a company, a sale, an event or a service. In such a difficult financial time, local businesses have relatively small budgets devoted to marketing campaigns, and they need to ensure that these budgets go as far as possible. Buying flyers in bulk from an online flyer printing service and then distributing them for free is one of the most budget-friendly ways to increase awareness of a brand or event, and can be the difference between success and failure. Right now, the ‘prohibitively expensive’ charges which are in place are beyond the pockets of many promoters and companies and they are losing custom, revenue and profit as a result.

The Lib Dem peer, Lord Clement-Jones, is planning to request an exemption from these restrictions for certain small-scale community events, and if it is successful, it would surely pave the way for small businesses to initiate a similar campaign to save their most cost-effective marketing technique.

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