Celebrity Entrepreneurs Applaud New National Mentoring Day

Launching on the 27th October, supporters of the new National Mentoring Day include business leaders and public figures such as Iain Wright MP, Shadow Minister for Industry, the co-founder of Caffé Nero, entrepreneur Levi Roots and The Apprentice 2014 winner Mark Wright.

As the clock ticks down to the first ever National Mentoring Day, influential figures in the world of business and mentoring are queuing up to voice their support about the day. Founded by Chelsey Baker, one of the UK’s leading business mentors, author of "The Pocket Mentor" and creator of "Broadcasting Your Business.” National Mentoring Day is set to encourage and promote awareness of mentoring schemes, emphasising their many benefits for mentors and mentees.

Ms Baker explains, “We’re now in the final stretch before the first ever National Mentoring Day, which has already generated significant support from many areas of the mentoring community, as well as business and industry. We’re thrilled that influential figures, including Iain Wright MP, the Shadow Minister for Industry, and the well-loved Levi Roots, among others, have taken time out to back the new national awareness day.

A fierce advocate of mentorship, MP Iain Wright comments, “I fully support the UK's first National Mentoring Day, wish it every success and hope that it quickly becomes an established, respected and well known fixture in the UK business calendar. The benefits of mentoring are huge. Having as a mentor - an experienced and knowledgeable entrepreneur, who has seen some of the opportunities and pitfalls of setting up and growing a business - is invaluable. A productive mentoring system can kick-start and accelerate business growth for new businesses, creating wealth and employment opportunities from which the entire country benefits. That is why the UK's National Mentoring Day is needed, and why I hope it is successful.”

Levi Roots adds, “To get ahead in work or business you have to have passion for what you do and to work hard.  I had a good idea, a great recipe, worked hard and had passion by the bucket load!  But it was meeting Peter Jones that changed my life for the better. Having Peter as my business mentor helped me to take my business to a new level, and without his guidance I might still be cooking my sauce in my Brixton kitchen and only selling it locally.  I have no regrets, and consider myself incredibly lucky, but if I had had guidance from a mentor as I was growing up or in early adulthood my life might have looked very different and I might have made better choices early on. For that reason I'm thrilled that campaigns such as National Mentoring Day are having an impact and are opening conversations about the importance of mentoring, as it can literally change the course of peoples' lives.”

A mentoring summit is also scheduled to take place at the Rockstar Hubs in London on the 27th October. Guest speaker at the summit event Mark Wright, last year’s Apprentice Winner declares, “A business mentor is key for success. Aside from their business experience, they have the patience and the knowledge to offer invaluable advice at times when you require it most. Richard Branson once stated 'a good mentor is an invaluable asset' and I couldn't agree more. When winning The Apprentice in 2014, I not only secured £250,000 to invest in the development of Climb Online, I also secured Lord Sugar as a business partner and mentor – whose advice and guidance is worth 10 times more than that initial investment.”  The summit will provide the perfect opportunity for heads of mentoring organisations, prominent business leaders and mentors to discuss the future of mentoring and the opportunities mentoring will provide.

“The UK is not short of aspiring entrepreneurs but they need experienced mentors to help them on their journey” comments Paul Pablo Ettinger, Co-Founder of the Caffé Nero chain. “More mentors are needed in the UK to help the large number of aspiring entrepreneurs scale up their businesses, which is now generally accepted to be the hardest part of the entrepreneurial journey. There is no doubt in my own mind that having a good mentor can greatly increase the chances of success for anyone trying to build a business.”

A nationwide celebration will take place and free marketing materials have been provided for the public to get involved. There are printable ‘thank your mentor’ cards, posters and a get involved guide packed with ideas so everyone from schools, colleges, universities and businesses can join in. Discussions on social media can be joined on by following @mentoringrocks.

For more information about National Mentoring Day, please visit the website: http://nationalmentoringday.org/


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Chelsey is one of the UK’s leading business mentors, author of "The Pocket Mentor" and creator of "Broadcasting Your Business." She recently won the British Bankers' Association "Excellence in Enterprise Mentoring Award" and this year won the prestigious title of "Business Mentor of the Year" awarded by Start Your Business magazine. Chelsey is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and is well known for her inspirational mentoring.

For more information please visit: http://broadcastingyourbusiness.com/

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