Child Angel Is World’s Most Advanced Child Tracking Wearable Device Launching Soon To Put Parents’ Minds at Ease!

A potentially life-saving new wearable device is set to launch next month, which will give parents total peace of mind about their child’s whereabouts thanks to cutting-edge location technology. An Intel® Quark™ processor is being used in the development of the Child Angel wearable device - a small, brightly coloured wristband that uses, GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi to deliver highly accurate location readings back to a parents’ smartphone. The child tracking device pushes the boundaries of modern technology to provide a product which will truly revolutionise life for many worried parents across the globe.

In the UK, a child is reported missing every 3 minutes, and every 1.5 in the US – it’s every parent’s worst nightmare, and something that many worry about on a daily basis. The Child Angel came into existence as a result of the personal experience of founder, Andrew Purcell. Mr Purcell lost his young son in a shopping centre after turning his back for just a few seconds, and without the location tracking technology now available, it was a truly devastating few moments for the panicked father. Luckily, Mr Purcell was reunited with his son – but his experience led him to search for a product that would help give him peace of mind in such situations.

Mr Purcell says, “We’re thrilled to be launching our Child Angel wearable device after three years of extensive research and prototyping. After the experience I had in a shopping centre, myself and my wife Claire, now Company Director of Child Angel, knew we had to take action and create a product that would give parents the peace of mind we craved whenever we were out and about with our children. We’ve utilised cutting-edge location technology and a child-friendly exterior to create this portable, lightweight and highly functional wearable device that could help to reunite lost children with their parents – or even save lives.”

He adds, “Once kids are up on their feet, they naturally want to explore the world they live in – we don’t want to shackle children or alter their inquisitive nature, we simply want to give parents that total peace of mind, allowing them to know where their little ones are at all times of day, whether they’re at school, at a relatives’, playing at a park or on the way home.”

“Intel® Quark™ technology is powering the Child Angel device and providing scalability for the future,” said Tanya Pelletier, senior product manager, Intel Quark Solutions Division. “Emerging technologies like Child Angel help showcase the amazing potential for the Internet of Things.”

The Child Angel wearable device has a vast number of features that help to promote child safety. With a smart locator to assist in zoning in on their location, an ‘I’m Lost’ option that lets children contact their parents on-the-go, and the ability to set up certain ‘SafeZones’ on the bracelet, the Child Angel wearable device covers all bases to ensure that children can be monitored and tracked. The device can be paired with the smartphones of parents, and it can deliver important alerts when a child leaves a SafeZone, or when they even begin to remove the bracelet. 

The bracelet has been designed to be as child-friendly as possible – they come in three cute colours that kids will just love to wear, and their rounded edges and plastic exterior make them perfectly safe to wear when playing, running, rolling, skipping, jumping, and all of the other activities that kids love. The device is water-resistant as well making it durable and functional for all environments.

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