Child’s Painting Sparks $350 Million Bidding Frenzy

An incredible bidding war that pits riches against riches, countries against countries, and magnates against sheiks, has taken off in recent weeks after a five-year-old’s Night Art painting went up for auction and attracted worldwide attention from some of the globe’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals. The painting currently has a bidding price of $350m, set by an anonymous Russian oligarch – a staggering $100m more than the most expensive painting sold to date.

A source close to the auction said, “It’s hard to believe what we’re seeing here – the artist is a young kid just starting school, and he’s already creating work that is being lauded by some of the most powerful art-lovers in the world. Not many children produce a piece worth $350m before they reach elementary school – everyone here at the auction is incredibly excited to see what the final price will be!”

The unique illuminating NightArt screens, which allow artists to see their work ‘in a whole new light’ are mains or battery-powered and can run for up to eight hours, giving precocious young talents like the mystery artist in this bidding war the perfect canvas to produce their next masterpiece. The method of creating art is bringing together parents and children as they work on their own high-quality works.

As countries come to blows over the ownership of this Night Art painting, thousands of people are asking how they can get their hands on one of the coveted boards and create their own masterpiece, which are set to take the Art world by storm and are due to be the biggest thing on the art scene since pointillism or Picasso.

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