Choose a Home Inspector with over 20 Years’ Experience and Background as a Construction Manager

An independent home inspection specialist is helping New Jersey home buyers secure sound home investments with expert advice steeped in over two decades of experience. Founded Michael Del Greco, Accurate Inspections Inc. offers home buyers impartial advice on homes across Northern New Jersey.

When commissioning an independent home inspection from Accurate Inspections Inc. clients are essentially hiring the home inspection professional who taught other home inspectors. As a well-known and respected industry veteran Del Greco has educated legions of rookies in the art of meticulously inspecting properties on the brink of sale. 

With over 20 years of experience in the art of independent home inspections, Del Greco is considered a longstanding industry virtuoso. From the roof to the foundations, Del Greco leaves no brick unturned when it comes to establishing an in-depth overview of a property’s current state. This empowers buyers with the knowledge to negotiate a better price, as well as develop a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of their new home.

“The more information buyers have about a property, the better of they’ll be during the negotiation process. My service exists to help New Jersey home buyers arm themselves with a thorough understanding of properties in order to secure the best possible price,” says Del Greco.

With an additional eight years of construction project management experience under his belt, Del Greco knows exactly what to look for when pinpointing structural issues. In the long run, the pre-identification of issues such as rot, water damage and crumbling foundations can save buyers a fortune. His diverse skill set and avid eye for detail means that instead of hiring several inspectors with expertise in niche areas, buyers can opt for one consummate professional. This makes the entire process fast, fastidious and above all, cost effective.  

“When commissioning an assessment with Accurate Inspections Inc. clients reap the benefits of a multi-skilled property inspector with a diverse set of skills. This is hugely important as property afflictions don’t fall into a one size fits all category. This means that buyers should either hire multiple inspectors with niche experience, or enlist the expertise of a multi-skilled inspector with experience across a variety of different areas,” adds Del Greco. 

Over the course of his career Del Greco has carried out detailed inspections of over 10,000 homes. This has equipped him with a superlative understanding of the New Jersey property market. For buyers in search of unsurpassed local expertise, Accurate Inspections Inc. is an unbeatable choice.

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Based in New Jersey, Accurate Inspections Inc. is an independent home inspection specialist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. President and home inspector Michael Del Greco offers clients detailed and informative information on a wide range of homes across Northern NJ.