Christmas Viewing From Cabinet Tronix

Christmas is traditionally the time of year when family and friends come together and spend quality time in front of the television. With countless television specials of favourite dramas and comedies, some of the most exciting films of the past year released on DVD and a multitude of exciting festive sporting events for everyone to gather round and watch, it’s important to ensure that the family television is up to the task ahead. A Nielsen report found that an average American household watches more than eight hours of television in each 24-hour period, with the amount of time per individual totalling around four and a half hours; these figures are always expected to skyrocket over Christmas, and families across the country will be preparing for the many hours of festive television ahead.

With a television in such high demand over the next month or so, it is vital for it to be properly positioned, protected and accessible. By using a motorized TV cabinet, the entire television unit can be placed in prime position for viewing over Christmas; they can be positioned against a wall, in the centre of a room or even at the foot of a bed so that whatever room it is placed in, there is complete flexibility regarding viewing angles. Whether watching classic Christmas movies or catching up on the latest sporting events, the television will be the focal point of the room and in the perfect position for everyone to enjoy.

The units are entirely purpose-built and with the aid of a universal TV mount, they can house almost any of the biggest flat-screen televisions. A concealed compartment underneath the stand safely houses two appliances, whether that is a digital receiver box, a DVD player or a games console, so that the technological advantages of television today can be fully taken advantage of. Universal remotes are also included for seamless integration of all appliances and total control from a single handset, for those lazy hours after Christmas lunch or on Boxing Day. For those who wish to place a pop up TV cabinet in the centre of a room, 360 degree rotation is available as an extra option so that the screen can be viewed from anywhere in the room.

TV lift cabinets can be created entirely to order for Christmas, with custom design, finish and storage facilities, ensuring that the entire unit fits the intended dimensions. There are a stunning range of designs available in both modern and traditional styles; whether it is the ornate Ritz design or the super-sleek Le Bloc unit, there is something to suit any existing décor.

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About Cabinet-Tronix: Based in San Diego, California, Cabinet Tronix develops and manufacturers automated TV lift furniture. Three core ranges (in stock modern TV lift furniture, in stock traditional pop up TV cabinets and custom TV lift cabinets) are complemented by extensive included features and a number of cutting edge upgrade options.

Bench made cabinets built by master craftsmen are combined with the best US-made telescoping lift system, demonstrating the Cabinet Tronix commitment to delivering quality products to clients first time, every time.

Cabinet-Tronix has successfully delivered over 2,500 units to satisfied customers across the country and throughout the world. Along with constant additions to its in stock modern and traditional ranges, Cabinet Tronix offers complete TV lift solutions for hotel projects and international shipping to any corner of the globe.

Recognized for its sublime quality and value for money ethos, Cabinet Tronix has provided TV lift systems within custom cabinetry for over four dozen hotels and casinos including over 540 pieces for The Signature MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cabinet-Tronix continues to set the standard in the TV lift cabinets industry by researching the newest technology and continuing to think outside of the box.  In addition to our innovation, we have also strived to deliver excellence to our clients and over 9 years in business we are proud to say we have achieved an A with the Better Business Bureau.