CineFunTV Set to Broadcast Landmark Speech from India’s Honourable PM, Shri Narendra Modi

In a global broadcasting first, South Asian online TV platform CineFunTV will be streaming a high profile community event that will see India’s 15th Prime Minister address 70,000 attendees at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium. The cultural showcase is part of a collaborative effort to celebrate two great nations with one glorious future. CineFunTV team will be on-hand to cover the landmark UKWelcomesModi event and broadcast the occasion to viewers across the globe.

As home to the world’s largest Indian diaspora, Britain boasts a rich and vibrant Indian community. UKWelcomesModi has been launched to bring together individuals from Britain’s 1.6 million-strong Indian community, celebrate their presence and pay tribute to the deep ties between India and the UK. His Excellency the Honourable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi will be fronting the event and is set to receive the loudest, greatest and most vibrant welcome ever seen outside of India.

CineFunTV is making history as the first live broadcaster to stream such a high profile event live on its online platform. Never before has an affair of such political and cultural importance been broadcast online in real time. With 70,000 people attending the speech at Wembley Stadium, imagine how many more viewers across the globe can tune into the momentous event for free thanks to CineFunTV. As South Asia’s one of the leading online platform, CineFunTV’s coverage of the event reflects its dedication to pioneering the concept of political awareness, cultural inclusion and community involvement for all.

People around the world who want to watch the event unfolding live simply have to download the “CineFunTV HD” app from various app stores. The network is making history by pioneering the technology needed to stream such an important global event live online.

Prime Minister Modi will take to the stage to deliver a landmark speech epitomising his iconic leadership that’s made waves across the globe. As well as highlighting the current achievements of the two nations, Mr. Modi will also offer attendees a glimpse at India’s future, and the ongoing relationship its set to enjoy with the United Kingdom. From the moment Modi takes to the stage CineFunTV cameras will be rolling. As his speech unfolds the platform will broadcast Modi’s words to viewers across the globe. From the streets of Delhi to the suburbs of London, CineFunTV will bring the pioneering speech to an international audience.  

The event will wrap up with a grand finale featuring the most resplendent fireworks display the UK has ever seen. As the explosives illuminate the night sky CineFunTV will be lighting up global screens with live coverage right up until the very last second.

Amit Singh Rathore, CEO of CineFunTV, says, “CineFunTV team welcomes Mr. Modi to the UK and we believe his visit to the UK will further strengthen relationships between India and the UK. We are so proud to broadcast an event of this scale live on our platform. Users can watch the event as it unfolds right on their hand-held devices or other Internet connected devices including the new Apple TV. It is a feather in our cap, which we will cherish rest of our lives.”

Users can download the CineFunTV HD app for free from various app stores.

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