Clever Parrot: Free Android app makes English language fun for first graders

A brand new educational and entertaining game is helping kindergarteners and first graders across the nation develop their English language skills.

Developed by 4UR-ent, the FREE android only game, Clever Parrot, offers 16 compelling exercises for children to work on developing crucial skills from punctuation and spelling to word structure and poetry comprehension.

Described as a “must have” by parents and loved by teachers and children alike,  follow the Clever Parrot and his family through comic verse and grammar exercises designed to help children improve vital English language skills and have fun at the same time.

Currently rated an amazing 4.8 out of 5 on Google’s Play Store - Clever Parrot has become a significant teaching tool, offering schools free software to be used in lessons that can monitor a child’s performance every time the application is used.

According to the latest figures from the Institute of Educational Sciences, the number of kindergarten and first grade students for 2015 is expected to reach approximately 3.7 million students each – that’s 7.4 million potential clever parrots learning the English language in the American school system this year.

John Francis who is one of the developers of Clever Parrot said: “Clever Parrot helps make learning vital English language skills fun for kids and easy for teachers! Joining Clever Parrot are family members such as Rex the Math dog and Miss Bell who help create an easy and effective learning environment to assist your child’s development.”

“By incorporating the Clever Parrot app into everyday teaching, before long children will be confident not only in spelling and punctuation, but also in grammar, sentence structure and reading.”

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About 4ur-ent

4ur-ent is a London based app development company who use creativity as their edge and innovative driving force. All in house projects are created to offer the best possible entertainment experience, and with a key focus on education – 4ur-et has created their flagship app, Clever Parrot, to help children develop key skills in three major disciplines: English, Maths and Science.

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