Clever Travel Companion Launches Antitheft Women’s Tee With Hidden Compartments – For Extra Pickpocket Protection

The travel experts launch a women’s tee, complete with under-arm pockets to keep valuables totally safe 

Wave goodbye to the days of panicking about pickpockets – a brand new women’s t-shirt is offering travellers a unique and innovative way to store their valuables, with two under-arm pockets disguised within a stylish fitted tee.

The Clever Travel Companion tee can store valuable items out of sight safely, with room for passports, credit cards and even the larger smartphones on the market. The two under-arm pockets keep valuables close to your body, and the plain tee looks great paired with a cardigan or a shrug. Stylish and safe – what more could you ask for when travelling?

Statistics have shown that there are around 600,000 incidents of pickpocketing in the UK every year, and 400,000 incidents happen every single day across the world. Popular tourist spots like Barcelona, New York and Paris are magnets for pickpockets, but our home cities of London, Manchester and Edinburgh are also rife with opportunists looking to get their hands on credit cards, smartphones or passports.

The Clever Travel Companion tee reduces the fear of pickpocketing for women travelling the globe. To the casual observer, it’s impossible to tell that you’re keeping your smartphone in a hidden pocket within your t-shirt, allowing many women to travel with a higher sense of safety and peace of mind.

Leah McHugh of Clever Travel Companion says, “Pickpocketing is a real problem for travellers all over the world, not just here in the UK. Women with purses and bags are overwhelmingly popular targets for opportunists, and we wanted to create a garment that would offer ample storage for valuables, without giving so much of a hint to pickpockets.”

Leah continues, “Women can now ride the rails or take the bus safe in the knowledge that they won’t fall prey to an opportunist dipping into their handbag or stealing from their backpack. And of course, there’s the added bonus that the tee makes it impossible to lose things! You could put down your bag or forget your wallet, but you’re never going to forget your t-shirt!”

The team behind Clever Travel Companion are travellers at heart, so they understand exactly the kind of features avid globetrotters are looking for when they go abroad. The new tee is just the latest addition to a range of antitheft clothes that look stylish and minimal, while also providing full protection for valuables. From men’s and women’s underwear complete with passport pockets, to travel adapters that work all over the globe, Clever Travel Companion certainly lives up to its name. 

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