Coconut Water Pioneers Extol Health Benefits of Coconut and Date Bars, Sugar Substitute and Coconut Oil

London, UK: Famed for their coconut water that has attracted legions of admirers, Cocofina have taken the next step in their quest to introduce the world to the wonders of the coconut fruit. Their organic coconut and date pre-workout snack bars, coconut nectar sugar substitute and raw coconut oil products are helping hundreds of people to discover the natural wonders of the coconut.

Cocofina products are ideal for anyone who wants to look after their body and remain in peak physical condition. The pre-workout bars help to give the body a great dose of energy before any physical exertion, without loading the body with synthetic compounds and refined sugars. The coconut sugar substitute is a great alternative to the refined sugar that is present in so many of our everyday food products, and coconut oil has achieved legendary status among many for its ability to make hair and skin smooth, soft and glowing.

Jacob Thundil, founder of Cocofina, says, “At Cocofina, we have always known the power of the coconut, and now people are waking up and realising exactly what this wondrous fruit can do for their bodies. Rather than loading up on sugar-laden energy drinks and snacks, health-conscious people, who care not only about their own physical health, but also the sustainability of the food they conscious, can fuel their workouts, supplement their diets and showcase their efforts with a glowing skin tone and revitalised hair.”

The tasty coconut and date bars are a fantastic filling snack that will give a real energy boost before any workout. With just 143 kcals in each bar, and no added sugar or artificial ingredients, the bars help to create an organic, healthy rush of energy that can help fitness fanatics take their workout to the next level whilst still caring for their body.

The coconut sugar alternative is a fantastic way to cut harmful refined sugars from a diet and switch to a healthier sweetener. The low-GI substitute is great for sweetening everything from herbal teas to baked goods, providing a delicious taste that won’t have adverse effects on the body like many refined sugars do. The Cocofina coconut nectar is simply the dehydrated sap of the coconut palm flower which is traditionally hand harvested, unrefined and naturally high in nutrients.

Lastly, Cocofina’s coconut oil is the result of many years of research that verify the benefits of using coconut oil when cooking. Coconut oil has been found to be unique in its structural make-up, with different fatty acids that allow for easy absorption and digestion. There is less strain on the liver, the pancreas and the digestive system, and the oil can also be used on the hair and skin; Cocofina coconut oil users will positively glow with health and vitality. All three products are certified organic by the Soil Association.

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