Complete Flowerpot Smoking Kit from Smoke Genie Makes Home-Smoked Food A Breeze

The experts at Smoke Genie have done it again, launching a fantastic new kitchen innovation that allows avid chefs and food connoisseurs to smoke a range of delicious foods in the comfort of their own home. The Complete Flowerpot Smoking Kit provides everything enthusiastic foodies could possibly need to create a range of mouth-watering smoked dishes, from meat and cheese to more avant garde foods like almonds, chilli peppers and even olive oil.

The kit contains a robust and durable flowerpot, the perfect well-ventilated container for smoking food. It boasts a colour-coded temperature gauge on the exterior, marked with the safe cold smoking range for easy management, as well as a stainless steel metal grate on which to place the food about to be smoked. Customers will also receive one pack of oak and one pack of beech instant-light Smoke Genies, so that they can start their smoked food journey right out of the box.

Martin Abram, inventor of the Smoke Genie, says, “We’re often asked about the different types of ventilated container that can be used to cold smoke foods – so often, in fact, that we decided to create one of our own, to provide an aesthetically pleasing all-in-one solution for those that want to cold smoke foods simply and easily with instant success. With our durable flowerpot, custom-built for this purpose, and a selection of Smoke Genies to get customers started, we’ve created a comprehensive starter kit for anyone hoping to dazzle dinner guests with an array of smoked cuisine. The Flowerpot Smoking Kit is a fun introduction to cold smoking that will provide long-term service, whether used at home or in the restaurant.”

The flowerpot smoker comes complete with a rain-protected vented lid, so food can be smoked outside even in unexpected wet weather. A stainless steel smoulder tray at the bottom of the pot can hold up to twenty linked Smoke Genies, for up to ten hours of continuous smoking – perfect in the run up to Christmas, when large dinner parties are the norm and there’s lots of smoking to be done.

As well as providing all of the equipment necessary for home smoking, the team at Smoke Genie include a full instruction guide and a recipe booklet – so even those totally new to smoked foods will have a great starting point. Whether it’s traditional smoked salmon or cheese, or something more adventurous like smoked olives or tomatoes, avid home chefs now have a new kitchen toy to easily create their own perfect smoked foods.

A great Christmas gift, The complete Flowerpot Smoking Kit is available direct from the website at £99.95 which includes UK delivery.

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