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As the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament is well and truly in progress, football fans across the globe can continue the football frenzy off the pitch and on the screen with the selection of free-to-play titles featuring ‘the beautiful game’ available on Whether a player is still supporting their team throughout the tournament, or is mourning the knockout of their national squad, My Real Games allows the excitement of the stadium to be found again with the simple click of a mouse or touch of a screen, with a huge range of online and mobile football based games available.

Spanning for one month between June 10th and July 10th, the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament see’s football fans from across the globe come together in their united passion for the classic ball game. Recurring on a quadrennial basis, this year’s play-offs will be the last championship in Europe until 2020. After the excitement of the many matches taking place throughout the month, dedicated lovers of football can head to gaming website My Real Games where, amongst the wide range of new games added every day, many titles featuring their favorite sport are available to play, free of charge.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “The Euros 2016 means football fever is well and truly underway, inescapable no matter what county you live in! Even when there are no matches left to watch, we can provide a football fix to anyone who is craving the much-loved game with our range of titles to play on For fans of other sports, we also have games available based around basketball, tennis and hockey. With news exciting titles added daily, there is always plenty to choose from when heading to our online gaming platform!”

With the addition of monster trucks, 4x4 Soccer Game adds a new dynamic to the classic sport. Replacing delicate footwork with bulky rubber tyres, players can outscore their opponent in this fast-paced twist on a football match to win the world cup and become champion of the game!

Football Fizzix sees the players on the pitch changed once again from the norm, this time not to a monster truck, but to a rag doll! Make the team jump in the air, as their limbs fly in the wind to kick, nudge and punch the ball into the opposing goal and to win the match.

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