Corporate Gift-Giving Gets a Personal Touch from Scottish Hampers This Spring

The act of gift-giving in a corporate context has become a crucial element of business for many. The demonstration that a client or partner is worth investing time, money and effort sends a message of commitment and professionalism, and lets them know that they are truly appreciated. However, with corporate gifts becoming so pervasive and universal, it can be difficult for organisations to truly make a mark. Bland shopping vouchers or other such non-personal gifts can be deemed thoughtless or superficial gifts, whereas at the opposite end of the scale, luxury gifts can be thought of as too extravagant, and might end up busting budgets.

One of the best ways to walk this line is by sending clients or partners a luxury food hamper. Packed full of traditional Scottish food and drink, these considerate and thoughtful gifts can set a company apart from a crowd and, with pre-assembled hamper options or the choice to build-your-own luxury food hamper, it is easier than ever for businesses to show their clients that they matter.

Companies with smaller budgets are better suited to smaller hampers, and the flexibility afforded by a personalised food hamper is perfect for this end. Small hampers holding 4-6 carefully chosen items can make a much bolder and more impressive statement than simply sending a generic hamper round to everyone on a mailing list. It helps to include a variety of food choices, and the options are plentiful; local cheeses, scrumptious chocolates, preserves, cured meats and traditional Scottish biscuits can all be packed into one hamper alongside a bottle of wine, port or beer – it adds extra merit to the hamper if the company deciphers which drink the recipient would favour beforehand.

Medium-sized hampers give much more room for manoeuvre. With room for up to twelve items, those putting together the luxury food hamper can afford to take advantage of even more variety, doubling up items and offering the recipient a greater element of choice. Including a bottle of both white and red is a great idea to ensure that all bases are covered, while blending immediate treats such as cakes and chocolates with items that can be used at leisure such as herbs, oils and pates, means that the hamper will not just be a flash in the pan, handed round the office and gone before the day is out.

The very largest hampers can hold up to twenty-five items and can be used as gifts for an entire workplace or section of clients if necessary. They can be ordered as a treat for use at a party or other special occasion, and the choices between red or white wine, chocolate or cake, and blue or white cheese, are removed; they can all be included for maximum choice.

Building a unique food hamper for each client shows a level of obligation and commitment that can go a long way in today’s society. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and this can be achieved in a simple and flexible way by all businesses looking to treat their clients, employees or partners.

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About Scottish Hampers: Scottish Hampers take a modern approach to gift hampers, sourcing the best quality food and drink from every corner of Scotland. The hampers cater to all tastes and budgets with a choice of contemporary and traditional products. Scottish Hampers evolved from  a Scottish food business established in 1982, building an excellent reputation for quality and service. It is committed to finding the best products from coast to coast, tasting and discovering big name brands and artisan producers.