Could Your Business Benefit from a Pallet Truck? Find Out From the Manual Handling Experts at Pallet Trucks UK

One of the country’s leading suppliers of high-quality pallet trucks is singing the praises of the humble apparatus – stating that its versatility and flexible nature has led it to become one of the most important pieces of equipment any business will invest in. Pallet Trucks UK is a premier provider of manual handling solutions, with pallet trucks making up the bulk of their stock. An integral cog in the machinery of the modern workplace, the experts at Pallet Trucks UK wish to emphasise the fact that these trucks are relied upon across a great number of environments in manufacturing, construction, commerce and retail – and they’ve played a huge part in helping many businesses to grow and expand.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Pallet Trucks UK, says, “The humble pallet truck is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment used in businesses all over the country. They can be used practically anywhere, for many types of lifting and moving. The trucks are most commonly found in industrial settings like warehouses and factories – but they’re also used prominently in medical and chemical plants, as well as docks, farms, supermarkets, distribution centres… you name an industry, and we can guarantee a pallet truck has played a part in its success.”

He adds, “Whether transporting a heavy load on a construction site or moving goods from the stock room to the shop floor in a supermarket, the basic hand pallet truck plays a pivotal role, and no matter what technologically advanced developments appear over the next few years, the simple pallet truck will remain one of the most important pieces of equipment for many businesses.”

Businesses in the warehousing industry will know all about the need for high-quality, high-capacity pallet trucks. Though this industry is based on the premise of storing goods securely, it’s imperative that a business operating in this field has the equipment to be able to transport large and cumbersome loads from A to B. Many of the hand pallet trucks from Pallet Trucks UK have a capacity up to 2500kg, ensuring that operators can shift huge volumes on one truck – vital in a warehouse where loads are constantly arriving or being distributed.

The pharmaceutical field is also a large player in the pallet truck game – though their preferred trucks generally have some different specifications. With the possibility that the truck will come into contact with harsh chemicals, and the regular need for sterilisation of the equipment, the pallet trucks used in this field are either made from stainless steel or galvanized steel. This helps them to remain durable and strong in adverse environments like freezers, and prevents them from rusting in the fact of regular deep-clean schedules.

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