Custom Carpentry Announces It Will Rebrand to Empatika

The bespoke furniture and home accessories designer, Custom Carpentry has announced that it will rebrand later this month. The company, which is known for its ethical and eco-conscious approach and use of 100% natural and sustainable materials will become Empatika under the change.

Custom Carpentry was founded a decade ago and has developed such a following that the name itself is virtually synonymous with terms such as fitted furniture and bespoke furniture. The new brand name is a crucial first step in setting Custom Carpentry apart from its rivals, many of whom have sprung up in its wake and incorporated ‘Custom Carpentry’ into their own company names.

Founder and master craftsman Tristan Titeux said, “We have seen over the years that many new businesses have started using Custom Carpentry as part of their own name. Consumers now search for custom carpentry in Google, which shows just how powerful a concept this is. I have big plans for my company so I need a name that I can trademark. Since Custom Carpentry cannot be trademarked as it is too generic, I needed to find something else which summed up the essence of who we are and what we do. It was during a one to one business coaching session from Innovating for Growth at the British Library that our new name was born: Empatika.

“I attended a session with a branding specialist who asked me lots of questions to get an understanding of what me and my business stood for. Together, we came to the conclusion that empathy was our essence. It is the perfect way for me to express how I wanted my company to be perceived. It stands for empathy towards our customers, we care deeply about getting to know them individually and giving them exactly what they want, what will be useful for them, and what is beautiful. We are empathetic about our client’s homes, take great care when we are there and treat it like it our own.

“One of our fundamental philosophies is that we have great empathy for the environment around us, using materials that come from sustainably managed forests and paints that are less polluting. We also plant trees for clients and buy acres of the rainforest to preserve it forever for ours and their own children.”

The new identity will take shape throughout the summer, with a brand new website, new company logo and new brand name all planned.

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About Empatika

Formerly known as Custom Carpentry, Empatika creates bespoke furniture and home accessories using 100% natural, eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable materials. The company has received acclaim across the UK, featured in various prestigious magazines as well as ITV’s ’60 Minute Makeover’ and Ty Pennington’s ‘Homes for the Brave’.