Data Memory Systems warns Mac users to not rely solely on new iCloud

As Apple announced that it will be introducing what it calls ‘Optimized Storage’ – an updated version of the iCloud Drive that will automatically store Mac’s older documents in the cloud – one of the US’ leading suppliers of computer memory, Data Memory Systems, is urging users to make sure they still back up their important files in order to make sure they are safe.

Coming as part of an iCloud update, the new feature will mean that documents users haven’t accessed for some time will automatically be moved to the new iCloud – which will come complete with more storage. The new optimized storage will automatically scan the hard drive, mark the files and photos that are used often and leave them where they are. The files it notes are used less regularly will then be stored away in an iCloud Drive, which, according to the tech giant, will help to save large amounts of local space.

Discussing the announcement, Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “Although the updates will mean that Mac users will have more storage to play with on their device, it does mean that they could find important documents being moved without them knowing. Making sure that users back up their essential files regularly to an external hard drive will ensure that private and sensitive files are kept safe and secure – wherever they are initially put.”

The update will also include an optional feature that will dump trash, clean up old caches and remove other useless data in order to help preserve storage on Macs.

Although Clouds are seen as one of the safest methods of storage, there are downsides to internet-reliant means of storage, such as the need for continuous internet access, unforeseen system outages and ongoing expense for large capacities. And Apple’s new service will come at a cost for users.

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