Dating Body Language: Dos and Don’ts

Everyone knows that body language is crucial on a date, but it can be difficult for many to open up and send the right signals. Whether they have been on the dating scene for a while with no luck, or whether they are newcomers to the world of dating, many people can find the whole dating scenario uncomfortable, and their nerves don’t allow them to truly express themselves.

Hayley Bystram, Director of elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “We are all aware that body language can have an effect on how well a date goes and how well you connect with someone, but putting it into practice is another matter entirely. Many men and women who lack confidence in themselves can find it tough to relax and send the right physical signals during a date.”

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make a connection with someone and send the right signals with body language is by making eye contact. It can help to convey attraction and it can help to ignite that potential spark. Those who do not feel confident in themselves can often find it difficult to make eye contact with a date; they would rather cast their eyes around the room, looking at their meal, looking at their drink or looking at the table. Working hard on making eye contact can not only help the connection between two people, it can also help both parties to feel more relaxed and improve other areas of their physical communication.

Once eye contact has been established, it can be easier to take the next step in having great date body language: removing physical barriers. Many who are nervous will instinctively fold their arms or cross their legs on a date in order to create barriers that they can hide behind. Opening up the body language in this situation can create a more relaxed environment, and let a date know that someone is relationship ready.

Along with the basic rule of never folding arms on a date, it is important to consider factors such as the direction the body is facing; when two people are attracted to each other, their bodies and feet will be parallel and facing one another. If choosing to cross legs, endeavour to make a shared space rather than a barrier. When a date is sitting on the left, cross the right leg over and turn the body towards them; both parties will feel more relaxed, and the situation will not feel stilted or awkward.

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