Debut Author Garners 5* Reviews and Acclaim for Inspirational Dyslexia Book ‘Time For Talent’

‘Dyslexia: Time for Talent’, an inspirational book about empowering children and parents to cope with dyslexia, has been met with 5* reviews across the board since its release at the turn of the year, with glowing reviews and endorsements from the book lovers at Readers Favorite. Debut author Carolina Fröhlich wrote the book after many years as an educational consultant helping children to overcome the struggle of dyslexia, and her helpful and moving guide to understanding, confronting and managing the condition has been received wonderfully from parents and experts alike.

The book has been lauded for showing readers how to focus on the talent of a child, rather than emphasizing their shortcomings. Parents can learn to help their child in confronting the myriad of learning challenges they face at school, and maintain a positive attitude throughout, even going on to be successful and highly literate in their later lives. Carolina Fröhlich herself has suffered with dyslexia, and has dedicated much of her career and her life to helping parents and children to deal with the effects and the side-effects of this difficult condition.

Ms Fröhlich says, “I am thrilled to receive my five 5* award on Readers Favorite, and the glowing reviews I’ve received so far have meant a lot to me personally. I wrote the book to help empower parents and children, and to help them to deal with the challenging situations they can find themselves in as a result of dyslexia, and to hear that people are finding comfort and inspiration in my book is a real privilege.”

Many of the reviews praise ‘Time for Talent’ for its informative and encouraging nature, helping to cast the condition in a different light. Bill Howard, a 5* reviewer, said, “Practical, informative and encouraging, Dyslexia: Time for Talent is essential not only for parents and instructors who work with dyslexic children on a daily basis, but also to encourage those who have dyslexia and help them to realize that they see the world in a special light and bring a special talent to be shared with those around them.”

The book has also been lauded for its thorough and comprehensive guide, which doesn’t just stop at the challenges faced when first learning to read at school. Teodora Totorean said, “Learning through art, music, or sports are just a few examples of such methods. But the book doesn’t stop at primary school years; it also offers advice on how to deal with the condition in later years too, from secondary school and further education to learning to drive and getting the relevant career advice. As there are still people that are diagnosed later in life, I found those chapters extremely useful.”

The empathy of Ms Fröhlich shines through in every chapter, and parents and children are offered tips, advice and helpful encouragement every step of the way as they battle this condition. The book is a result of working with hundreds of parents who are frustrated and unable to find the information they need, and is an enlightening and holistic look at how dyslexia can be overcome by children and adults of all ages.

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