Dedicated Website Offers Moms Feeling The Pressure A Stress-Free Way To Success In 2013

A new survey has given a startling insight into the massive pressure moms are under with 53% admitting they regularly lie to friends, family and healthcare professionals in order to appear a better parent. For women who find themselves feeling guilty about their approach to parenting, a website dedicated to helping moms cope with the demands of raising a family offers a ray of hope for the New Year. Launched by The Mom Strategist™ Mia Redrick, is a unique support network, virtual coach and treasure trove of tips, advice and practical tools.

With moms admitting to dishing out sweets and chips instead of healthy meals, replacing bedtime stories with a TV and even feeling happy to get back to work on a Monday morningin the survey by a UK parenting website, the parenting survey concluded that there is an enormous expectation that moms will simply keep it together. With more than half having to lie to keep up appearances, this is clearly not the case. As part of its mission statement, equips those moms struggling to do it all to set boundaries, identify what makes them happy, and to clearly articulate their needs to their own families to get the support they need.

Founder Mia Redrick said, “The Mom’s Academy is all about helping moms cope on a daily basis. More than that, it helps moms recognize the importance of making time for themselves and demonstrates how blending self-care into the day-to-day routine can improve quality of life, reduce stress and make parenting more enjoyable. As a mom of three I know how difficult making time can be but also appreciate the benefits and tension relief that accompany this commitment to ‘me time’ dates.”

The website is fully equipped with an extensive library of self-care articles, all of which tackle the hot topics moms need to know about in order to better balance their lives. There is also a number of resources which unveil a series of little known self-care secrets and a video library which shows moms exactly what they can do for themselves in that moment. Other features include a fully stocked audio library for those who prefer to digest their self care tips on the go and unrestricted access to a series of ebooks by Mia Redrick. Topics include how to maximize family health, creating personal space in the family home, a guide to keeping the peace, effective communication techniques and how to set a positive course for the New Year. The site also features a vibrant community in which moms can connect with others in similar situations, provide support, encouragement and get responses to their own questions.

User Mia Clapp, from Mia Clapp Photography said, “The site is very unique and is created to help moms start off their New Year in a non-judgmental and supportive community. It helps moms to grow their lives because we know that when moms grow they share more of themselves with their family.”

A perfect way to start 2013 with a positive mindset, membership to The Moms Academy also includes 365 Daily Self Care Strategies with actions of the day, daily questions and 365 daily lists. Moms need only to follow along each day to make self-care a daily ritual. It is the perfect accompaniment to Mia Redrick’s new book in the best selling Time For Mom-Me series, Time for Mom-Me: 365 Strategies for a Mother’s Self-Care

The site offers a number of different membership levels including a comprehensive VIP option which, in addition to unlimited site access, offers a 60-minute group coaching call each month and a 30-minute group Q and A call each month with The Mom Strategist™.

Time for Mom-Me: 365 Daily Strategies for A Mother's Self-Care’ is available to purchase now from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and all good book stores. It is priced at $19.99 and makes an excellent stocking stuffer or Christmas present.

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Reviews For 365 Daily Strategies For A Mother’s Self Care:

I’ve been a fan of Mia Redrick for a long time. She understands the daily challenges every mom faces, and balances her insights in a no-nonsense approach. 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother’s Self-Care gives busy moms practical, bite-sized tips and exercises that add up to a sustainable self-care routine that can help us all become better moms and happier women.” Megan Calhoun, Founder & CEO of

Mia Redrick’s book, 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother’s Self Care is a must read for all moms. As women, we are so busy doing for everyone else that we put ourselves last. This book does a wonderful job of inspiring and guiding a woman to take active care of herself. Mia’s suggestions delivered in daily, bite size pieces over the course of a year are perfect for the busy mom. The reader will learn how to excel in all areas as she goes about the business of life. This book is the perfect shower gift for every new mom! The seasoned mothers also benefit from the wisdom within 365 Daily Strategies; we all need reinforcement on how to manage our various roles in life. Mia Redrick remains the go to expert on self-care and has out done herself with this book! I highly recommend it.Joyce Bone, CEO and founder of Joyce Bone Enterprises

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