Developers Take On Tough Property Projects In French Alps

More and more ski property developers and investors are undertaking structurally risky projects as they attempt to make the most of the booming real estate market in the French Alps. Property is at a premium in the area, and developers are looking for innovative ways in which they can create more investment opportunities for foreign nationals.

However, a number of these projects are paying off and creating wonderful real estate prospects for more investors to claim their own slice of the Alps; a prudent example would be the recent acquisition of an almost vertical rock face in the Alps near Le Chinaillon. Several thousand tonnes of rock was moved in order to create a series of beautiful terraces, where there now stands 11 traditionally-styled chalets with 139 two-bedroom and three-bedroom leaseback apartments. The ski apartments for sale have panoramic views of the surrounding ski slopes, and all of them sold quickly to investors eager to have a property on their books that has a little something extra.

The development, which has been labelled le Village de Lessy, has been so successful among investors that a developer is about to start work in a similar residents just below it on the mountainside, hoping to add a further 120 apartments which overlook the ski slopes. The first phase will involve the renovation of a hotel, which will be fitted with a pool and a full spa suite, including a sauna and steam room. This is expected to be finished in 2014, when a further 45 apartments will be created adjacent to the development which is similar to the first project, with thousands of tonnes of rock being removed and a number of new chalet buildings being anchored to the rock face.

The new skiing property and the planned developments are an indication of the lengths which investors are prepared to go to in order to create more opportunities in the French Alps. The area is incredibly popular, being a year-round holiday destination for tourists from across the world, and investors are now ploughing money into various different regions of the Alps in order to provide extra accommodation in saturated areas. Those who are looking to invest in these regions have plenty of choice, whether it is an existing project which has been proven to yield excellent returns, or an upcoming venture which is sure to set the ski property market alight with its innovative construction and sought-after location. 

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