DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople given affordable way to cut asbestos risks

The use of Asbestos might have been banned in the UK since the 90’s but for tradespeople and homeowners it can still present risks. A new product from Azzikit offers a simple, inexpensive way to test for the highly hazardous material, allowing individuals to eliminate uncertainty when working on a new project.

Asbestos was widely used in construction across the UK and buildings built before 2000 are likely to contain some form of the material. Thanks to its insulation and fire resistance properties, asbestos fibres were often mixed with cement or woven into fabric, making it difficult to tell if buildings contain the material without testing. Disturbing asbestos can present significant risks, including increasing the likelihood of lung cancer and mesothelioma developing.

Despite the dangers of exposure, just 6%1 of homeowners carried out an asbestos survey before taking up DIY projects despite almost three-quarters living in homes built more than 30 years ago. Even simple DIY tasks, such as sanding or drilling, can expose dangerous and potentially fatally fibres. While there are regulations in place for testing projects for Asbestos within industries, companies are often forced to use expensive surveyors.

Steve Edmunds, Managing Director of Azzikit, said, “Testing for asbestos is an essential step before possibly disturbing the unsafe fibres. But the hassle and expense of conducting a test means that it’s often a process that homeowners miss out. At some point, DIY enthusiasts are highly likely to come across asbestos and put themselves at risk if they aren’t aware of the present dangers. As a company, we’re committed to improving personal safety and saving lives and the simple to use Azzikit kit means that there’s now an affordable and effective solution on the market for testing for asbestos.”

The Azzikit DIY asbestos sampling kit contains everything a homeowner or tradesperson needs to safely obtain a sample and send it for analysis. The laboratory where samples are analysed is UKAS accredited and swiftly sends a conclusive report via email the following day, allowing homeowners to get started on their latest project or take the necessary steps to remove or contain the fibres. Azzikit also offers a standalone sample analysis for those that already have a sample they would like testing.

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Azzikit was developed to offer homeowners and tradespeople a safe and affordable solution to testing for asbestos in domestic and commercial properties. Azzikit is the only dedicated product committed to substantially improving personal safety and saving lives while remaining cost effective by eliminating the need to use an expensive surveyor. Azzikit is fully supported by industry experts and includes all UKAS accredited sample analysis costs.