Don’t Start the New Year with a Bad Investment

A leading home inspection specialist is urging home buyers to kick off the New Year with confidence by commissioning the help of home inspection experts when signing on the dotted line. With independent reviews that are 100% free from agent referrals, Accurate Inspections Inc. is a must utilise service for homebuyers wanting to buy with buoyancy. With US home purchases set to rise in 2016, the company is advising all homebuyers to carry out full home inspections before committing to a sale.   

“For most home buyers, purchasing real estate is one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. For this reason, all home investors should be absolutely certain that they’re committing to a home that will retain its value,” says Accurate Inspections Inc. owner Michael Del Greco.

One of the key risks of failing to pre-inspect a home is the danger of structural problems with the home that are found after closing of title.  When homes have structural problems home buyers can be stuck with some very expensive problems they must pay to cure.  Not having a through home inspection by an experienced home inspector can leave new home owners with zero protection. With a full home inspection owners can have peace of mind they will know about the building’s condition.

When purchasing a home health and safety are of paramount importance to most home buyers. Accurate Inspections Inc. helps keep residents safe by identifying the presence of unsafe conditions, problems and hazards. Once any health and safety issues are identified buyers can put together management plans before moving in. if the cost of making the property habitable is deemed too high, buyers can simply pull out of the sale before any expenses are incurred.  

For buyers wanting to arm themselves with bargaining power, an independent home inspection performed by an experienced professional home inspector is an absolute must. If any issues are identified during the inspection process home buyers will have some ammunition to secure a better price, terms or concessions.  This includes defects that many have a smaller cost to repair but be major safety problems such as faulty wiring, as well as larger drawbacks like structural decay.

One of the key motivations for home investments are the financial gains that go hand in hand with ownership. Without a pre-purchase inspection, buyers risk investing in a flawed property that may not hold its value. Buyers that do commission property inspections enjoy the total peace of mind that when the time comes to sell, their investment will deliver healthy returns.

Another benefit of home inspections is the pre-identification of any issues. Unfortunately, even the smallest of nuances can drain budgets dry. Commissioning an inspection before your home inspection contingency is up ensures buyers have an accurate estimate of how much the property is going to cost.

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