Dropping Dollar Set to Boost Online Shopping for Down Under Retailers

In the wake of a dropping Australian dollar and potential extension of GST to low value parcels, experts are predicting that Australian based online retailers are set to enjoy a boom. Freelance graphic and web design studio Bapple is helping SMEs leverage the changing market and arm themselves with hard hitting online strategies designed to make the most of the new economic conditions.

Based in Sydney, Bapple is the self-built creation of an Australian entrepreneur with a passion for building bespoke websites integrated with beautiful design. As Australian consumers start to revitalise the national economy, Bapple’s freelance web design service is a savvy investment for any business with an online presence. 

At a recent State and Commonwealth leaders meeting in Sydney treasurers made the decision to extend the goods and services tax to low-value imported parcels. The new policy means that Australians who have previously enjoyed low overseas prices on online purchases will now find themselves paying GST, just as they do when purchasing on Australian shores.  This could see the current GST-free threshold drop from $1000 per parcel to as little as $20. From 2017 GST will be extended to digital imports of movies, books and software. State treasurers will also discuss the inclusion of other commodities, from running shoes, digital cameras and cosmetics to luxury watches, electronics and jewellery.

Simultaneously, the Australian dollar is on a seemingly downward spiral which will also play a role in encouraging Aussie consumers to make the switch back to home-grown retailers. Just days ago the Australian dollar dropped to just 73.5 US cents, representing a colossal fall from the 94.3 US cent value seen in July 2014.

While the changing market conditions are not great news for consumers, Australian retailers stand to benefit immensely from the expansion of GST scope and the weakening Australian dollar. The conditions are categorically encouraging Down Under consumers to shun international retailers and rekindle the love with local businesses. With the latest statistics from the ABS revealing that three out of four internet users shop online, the upcoming on-shore boom is a lucrative opportunity for online retailers. Though Bapple asserts that it’s not as simple as setting up an e-commerce store and watching the traffic roll in. Australian markets are fiercely competitive and in order to stand out from the crowd a purpose built website is an absolute must.

Every business is unique which is why Bapple takes a bespoke approach to every client. The needs of one events management agency may be completely different from the needs of a competitor and Bapple is committed to pinpointing these distinctive traits and using them to build aesthetically beautiful, fully functional websites that drive customers to where they need to be. Whether retailers want to generate more sign ups, more sales, more advertising or more ponies, Bapple is ready to talk business.

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Bapple is a Sydney based graphic and web design studio owned and manned by Peter Kawecki. The studio operates on a freelance basis which gives it the flexibility to develop bespoke solutions for every client. By cutting out the middle man Bapple is able to offer its clients a smarter, faster and more affordable service than its agency counterparts. Kawecki brings over 15 years of web design experience to the table and is an expert in building websites that are intuitive, functional and visually stunning.