Ensuring cleaning standards are high results in happier hotel clients

As it is revealed that high levels of cleanliness in hotels can result in guests leaving a better overall online rating, cleaning companies with hotel clients can hold on to their contracts by ensuring a consistently high level of service. Cleaning company managers looking to satisfy their hotel clients can increase their productivity and management of their staff with innovative remote workforce solution, IQ Timecard.

It has long been known in the hospitality business that online reviews hold a lot of power, yet a new survey by hotel search site Trivago and cleaning goods manufacturer Procter & Gamble has revealed new insight into the factors that can affect the feedback given by previous guests. Results of the ‘Quality Test’ questionnaire showed that if a guest perceives a hotel as being clean, then they are likely to give it a higher rating overall. However, in order to achieve this clean status, 78% of guests expect an ‘above average’ level of cleanliness from the hotel.

David Lynes, Director of IQTimecard, says, “In today’s connected world, it is clear that customers trust online peer-to-peer reviews more when making buying decisions, than the marketing materials from a business or company. Although maintaining a good standard of cleaning is an obvious priority for any hotel or hospitality business, these survey results demonstrate the importance of ensuring this factor is taken care of efficiently and effectively in order to keep their customers happy.” 

The survey also revealed that 61% of customers take online reviews into account before making a purchasing decision, highlighting the importance of achieving a good review in order to maintain a healthy business.

Lynes continued, “Proper management of the cleaning staff assigned to a hotel is important then to maintain this high level of cleanliness, yet it can be hard for supervisors to organise remotely. Investing in the app based workforce management software form IQ Timecard can help those in charge of a contract cleaning team to maintain high levels of time keeping, organisation and as such, a great standard of work in order to keep hotels at an ‘above average’ level of cleanliness. This can make sure that their clients achieve great reviews to result in business success, whilst cleaning companies can hold on to their contracts with their valued customers.”

When using the time management software, no matter where the job is based, staff can input their arrival and departure times to a shift in real-time, allowing managers to get a clear overview into the working patters of their employees. In doing so, productivity issues can be highlighted and staff can be re-organised in order to ensure that they operate to the best of their ability.

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