Executive Film Producer Tim Burke’s The Bigger Picture Films Commences Work on High-Concept, Big Budget Movie Slate

British MTV filmmaker Tim Burke’s The Bigger Picture Films who announced this week a slate of high concept, big budget projects partly funded by new, Movie Investment company; TheMovieFund.com.

MTV Director, Tim Burke has written and will executive produce the ‘Planet X Trilogy’ which is an epic sci-fi fantasy adventure set on an Alien planet and planet Earth in the past, present and future. The company are already in talks with major Talent Agencies in Hollywood to attach talent to the project.

The Bigger Picture Films is currently working with The Movie Fund, hedge funds and established Hollywood Producers and talent to construct the first major Motion Picture Movie Studio in Nevada to help grow film production there. The project called ‘Sin City Studios’ will aim to take advantage of Nevada’s new Film tax breaks, which come into effect in January 2014. The lot will include 6 sound stages, production offices, screening rooms and an auditorium for award ceremonies and film festivals. It is planned that elements of The Planet X franchise will be made there once the first sound stages are completed in late 2014.

Screenwriter and executive producer Tim Burke offers of the films, “Featuring all aspects of the UFO phenomenon, counter-culture, conspiracy underworlds, the Illuminati, and questioning our own very belief systems; the ‘Planet X trilogy’ intends to be highly controversial and an explosive series with state of the art CGI in an epic storyline of time travel, different dimensions and Ancient Alien bloodlines.”

With the new 'Star Wars' on the way and Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar' in the works; “Planet X’ plans to be a major, new Science Fiction franchise,” Burke continues, “we will be committing a large amount of resources, raised by The Movie Fund, to the project with an emphasis on a major new toy franchise to accompany."

Burke’s The Bigger Picture Films also aims to produce a diverse slate of high concept features, including the biopic/musical feature ‘The Famous Player’s Club,’ modern day drama ‘The Second Coming’, ‘The Hangover’ style comedy ‘Vegas Baby’ and social media teen Horror ‘Hashtag”.

The Bigger Picture films production company have partnered with blockbuster producer; Michael Levy (Lara Croft, Demolition Man, Predator, The Last Boy Scout, Die Hard 2) to bring ‘Planet X’ to the big screen.

In a statement, Burke said of the slate, "In a world of remakes, we are excited to be creating and producing original scripts for high-concept, big budget movie franchises like ‘Planet X’ which will capture the imagination of the millions who believe in the ancient alien theory. We are also equally as excited to be writing exciting, original found footage comedy projects like ‘Vegas Baby,’ Social Media, Teen Horror ‘Hashtag’ and Movie Industry musical biopoic ‘The Famous Player’s Club’.

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