Experts Encourage Investment in Industrial Sector to Boost UK Economy

Experts have claimed that the UK has become too heavily preoccupied with work and growth in the financial sector, with many agreeing that investment and expansion within the industrial sector will be the catalyst which will end the grief surrounding the UK economy. Britain has a trade deficit where the export of products and goods are concerned; during the Victorian era, around 20% of the world’s manufacturing output was crafted in Britain. Now that figure stands at around 2%, with many emerging countries expected to overtake in the coming years. The manufacturing industry has taken a hit as a result of the economic slump, and it is believed that kick-starting this sector again would help to drag Britain out of recession for good.  Training, expansion and equipment are all areas where investment would produce great effect. But why invest in manufacturing equipment?

Equipment such as manually-operated pallet trucks, stacker trucks and aerial work platforms are all integral to the processes within a workplace. They facilitate mobility in heavy goods and allow transportation of large loads from A to B. They help in the loading and unloading process, they can be modified in order to hone their function and they are versatile when used alone. The question is, more pertinently, why not invest in such manufacturing equipment?

One of the main strengths that these manual handling units offer is the saving of time for employees. Stacker trucks decrease the time it takes to load or unload a shelf or storage area, whilst hand pallet trucks reduce the time necessary to transport a heavy load from delivery to dispatch. Many of these pieces of equipment also require just one or two operators, freeing up members of staff to carry out other vital tasks and speed up the entire working process.

If a business relies on making deliveries or having a quick turnaround of goods, having a fleet of pallet trucks will undoubtedly speed up the process and allow for a larger volume of orders to be completed in the same amount of time. It is this type of growth and expansion that will help to get the economy back on its feet; larger numbers of orders completed will result in companies being able to expand and grow, eventually purchasing bigger industrial workplaces and being able to deliver goods to places far and wide. Exportation of goods to countries on the continent and beyond will rise as companies expand, and the money coming into the UK will assist in the economic recovery process that has been so slow until now. Investing in equipment may not see immediate results, but the possibilities it opens up for the future of a business are plentiful.

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