Experts Warn UK Businesses Are Missing Out On Millions by Not Being Green Deal Certified

A top Green Deal website has warned that many of the UK’s small businesses are missing out on millions of pounds worth of work by not becoming Green Deal Certified.

Under the government’s Green Deal scheme, an estimated 14 million homes will be made energy efficient by 2020, potentially creating billions of pounds worth of work for the construction sector. The programme gives UK homeowners a loan to make their homes more energy efficient with the money then repaid out of the savings made on energy. All homes must be assessed by a Green Deal assessor and work carried out by a Green Deal installer. However, any company wanting to act as a Green Deal assessor or Green Deal installer must be certified by the government. has spoken to hundreds of small business owners since the scheme launched, concluding that many are put off the accreditation process because of the amount of admin, number of forms and sheer volume of paperwork involved. It calculates that millions of pounds worth of opportunities are being lost by those who can’t or won’t complete the certification process, leaving some firms struggling to make ends meet and others left to enjoy the bulk of the work created by the Green Deal. 

Thomas Farquhar, sales manager at said, "Small businesses are missing out on big business by not becoming Green Deal Installer Certified or Green Deal Assessor Certified. Many of the owners we talk to are put off because they are bogged down by the paperwork and admin involved in getting certified. Our service cuts out all of this and allows them to start their green deal business quickly." provides practical assistance, guidance and support for those embarking on the Green Deal certification process. It takes on the burden of paperwork and admin, completing as much as possible for owners who want to become certified installers or assessors. The site recognises that most companies who want to become Green Deal Certified do not have the skill set or spare time to complete the process but would benefit from doing so.  

Mr Farquhar added, “In the spirit of the Green Deal it is more efficient to outsource this process to people that do it on a daily basis. The cost of this service is soon recovered by the time savings you make in not having to do the work yourself.

Businesses that want to be more energy efficient and become a Green Deal certified company can find out more at

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