Festival Goers Urged To POD Their Posse with Unique Tents

The festival camping experience is set to receive an even bigger dose of community spirit this summer as a unique British test design urgers music fans to POD their posse. POD Tents is set to revolutionise the sleeping and socialising situation at festivals for regulars on the scene, with its unique interconnecting tents that create the perfect camping community for a weekend at Glasto or V Fest. With Mini and Maxi sleeping pods that are private and personalised, and the ability to build camps in a variety of formulations and layouts, festival campsites have never been such fun.

Any festivalgoer who has ever spent a weekend in the mud will understand the trials and tribulations of trying to find a good camping spot with a large group, and the encroachment of other people’s tents into your area is a minor annoyance at the best of times. The new POD Tents allow campers to connect their tents up in a number of unique formations that create a united camp, perfect for festivalgoers who have spent the day watching their favourite acts on the Main Stage.

Jason Thorpe director of POD Tents designers M2C Innovation said, “Our brand new concept in outdoor accommodation and camping gear is helping festivalgoers to create their perfect campsites when they arrive at Leeds, Parklife, Wireless or IOW. Personal sleeping pods allow the privacy of a separate tent, but the connecting corridors and tunnels help to keep everyone together and can create unique communal areas that groups of friends will lose at a festival.”

Spacious on the inside and stylish on the outside, POD Tents are the ideal companion for groups of friends heading to a festival. The tents are also incredibly flexible, so if a friend drops out at the last minute, or if someone stumbles across a spare ticket and decides to join the group, there is no need to rejig everyone’s sleeping arrangements. One less tent won’t affect the others’ ability to link up and create a camp, and anyone joining the group at the last minute need only purchase a POD add-on that can be linked with the existing tents. 

The tents are so effective and comfortable that they won’t be left behind at the end of the festival, like many of the cheap one-man tents that barely make it through the weekend. The high-quality materials and construction of the tents mean that festival regulars will be able to enjoy their portable campsite again and again, revelling in the social element and the privacy of their own pod at whatever music festival they end up at.

For more information about POD tents, please visit their website: http://www.podtents.com

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About POD

The new, revolutionary POD designed by M2C Innovation is different.  POD is a social camping concept that enables tents to be interlinked in order to build a community.  Perfect for a growing family, each family can have their own sleeping POD resulting in undisturbed sleep and meaning that you don’t need to buy a larger tent as your family expands – just add another POD. With interconnection tunnels you can safely party into the night with friends whilst staying close to your loved ones – the best of both worlds!  A modular design means that you can have a central POD for living in the day and separate internal or external sleeping PODs.  Whether you are a welly wearing festival goer, a hardened British camper or enjoy camping further afield POD is the perfect companion.