Final Interactive Business Leadership Roundtable Event of Summer to Take Place Next Week

Business Leadership Rountable Will Take Place in Eastern Ontario with Leadership, Wellness and Relationship Expert Karen Bayles

The third in a series of interactive business leadership roundtable events will take place next week in Eastern Ontario, featuring The Color Code Personality Science for the first time.

The Eastern Ontario Business Leadership Roundtable is a dynamic coaching and networking seminar hosted by acclaimed leadership, wellness and relationship coach, Karen Bayles. The June 18th event gives Eastern Ontario’s business community their third and final chance of the season to enjoy expert coaching in the field of leadership skills development.

Carefully designed to better equip business heads and community members with transferable skills and provide focused time for business growth, the roundtables offer the ultimate in corporate coaching, all conveniently timetabled into the lunch hour. The exciting addition of the Colour Code Personality Science for the next event provides delegates with yet another addition to their leadership and communication toolkit. It is a unique and useful addition that integrates seamlessly with the other skills and insights delivered by Bayles in the hands on sessions.

Jeremy Daniel, Training Director at Color Code International explains, “The Color Code is a cutting edge system for understanding personality styles. Unlike other models that assess the behaviour of individuals as a way of describing personality, the Color Code assesses the motives behind the behaviour. In other words, it's not about what you do, but rather why you do it. Leadership is all about working with and inspiring people to take purposeful and meaningful action. It is imperative that you understand what makes people "tick" in order to truly lead them in effectively. Color Code provides a clear and easy-to-follow system for doing just that.

“Each of the four Color Code personality types communicates in its own way. Some are more logical, while others are more emotional. Some are more respectful, while others like to tease. Some are extremely direct, while others avoid conflict, etc. Improving the way that individuals communicate is one of the Color Code's greatest strengths. Once you understand the basic patterns of each of the personality types, it becomes very easy to "speak the language" of the four different styles instead of trying to force them to understand the way that you communicate.”

The previous roundtable event, held earlier this month, gave attendees a framework for more effective management and communication. Delegate Barbara El Mubarah said, “The roundtable was a great opportunity to stop and reflect on my leadership strengths and areas of growth. It affirmed the core values that drive my work, crystallizing what I want to focus on. The experiential exercises lead by Karen helped identify a key area that I need to address to guide my future growth, an important aspect that I completely missed in the rush of everyday life! This roundtable was not only an opportunity to connect, learn new communication skills, but most importantly for me, a chance to stop and review my own strengths and potential opportunities for growth.”

Desirae Morgan, Pastor of Christian Education, was also in attendance. She said, “I found the roundtable beneficial in connecting with other leaders within this community and sharing the challenges we face in leading well specifically as woman. I left the day encouraged and motivated to address leadership differently and felt Karen gave great take aways that could easily be implemented.”

The Eastern Ontario Leadership Roundtable Event will take place at the Centennial Road Church, 3454 County Road 27, RR#2, Lyn Ontario K0E 1M0. The event will be held on Tuesday June 18, 2013 at 12.00 – 1.30pm. Tickets are priced at $35 with lunch included. Corporate/Group Rate: 5 or more guests $20/person. Ticket price includes lunch. To RSVP, contact Joan Wilson on 1-855-928-2500 (toll free) or email info(at)karenbayles(dot)com.

To find out more visit If you would like to book an event or request personal coaching with Karen Bayles send your request to info(at)karenbayles(dot)com.

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To reserve a place at any of the three Leadership Roundtable Events contact Joan Wilson on 1-855-928-2500 (toll free) or email info(at)karenbayles(dot)com

About Karen Bayles

Karen Bayles is passionate about helping others maximize their enthusiasm for life – both at home and in the workplace. A founder of four successful result-driven companies, Karen draws on a myriad of life experiences. Born and raised in the States, Karen graduated from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada where she currently resides. A mother of three active kids and business partner to her loving husband, Bill, she enthusiastically admits her life has never had a dull moment.

With a holistic approach to leadership, relationship and wellness coaching, Karen takes an all-encompassing look at what it truly means to lead a fulfilled life in body, mind and soul. She also believes it is important for people to accept themselves, and in turn, accept and show compassion for others.

About the Company

Karen's vision is to ignite people across the globe with so much enthusiasm, confidence and vitality that it becomes ridiculously contagious. With over 23 years in leadership development, business philanthropy & entrepreneurship Karen brings a wealth of experience. The company provides the following services: Personal Empowerment Coaching, Corporate Team Building, Couples Retreats, Leadership Training, Color Code Personality Science and Faith-Based Coaching.





Relationships are key to every aspect of life. Knowing what motivates those around us is crucial. The Color Code Personality Science gives us the tools to accelerate and maximize our personal and business relationships
Karen Bayles, Leadership, Wellness & Relationship Expert