Food Makes a Wonderful Present Idea Advise Hampers Experts

Giving food as a Christmas gift has been a tradition for centuries, and food itself plays a vital part in the entire festive season as a whole. This makes food one of the most popular choices when considering what gift to send to a loved one, and the theory behind it is almost failsafe: everybody needs food. Food can be a necessity and a luxury, it is considered essential and yet decadent at the same time. Food can be enjoyed alone or shared within a family or group of loved ones. It brings people together, it is a symbol of indulgence and it shows thoughtfulness and sentiment. This guide counts down the best foods to give as gifts this festive season, for those who love an extravagant treat or two.

5. Chocolate

Both children and adults alike love the rich and creamy taste of chocolate, and it is a staple during the Christmas season as a result of things such as advent calendars, chocolate coins and selection boxes. As that list may suggest, chocolate is one of the most versatile food gifts which can be given over Christmas; everyone has their favourite type and there are hundreds of thousands to choose from. Children in the family might enjoy bite-sized nibbles in luxurious gift bags, perhaps filled with caramel or some other flavoured filling. The bite-sized nibbles can also allow their parents to keep on top of how much chocolate they’ve consumed! Older relatives might enjoy a thick slab of rich dark chocolate; handmade, delicious and a real indulgence. For whole families, there are variety boxes that can be given as gifts, with something for everyone, be it a coconut cream, a truffle or a strawberry swirl. Chocolate can be shared or enjoyed alone, and can be given as a standalone gift or included as a filler within a luxury food hamper or gift basket.

4. Cake

For those who feel they could give Jamie or Nigella a run for their money, baking a homemade cake and giving it as a gift can be a very personal way of showing a loved one how much they care. The Christmas classics include Christmas pudding and Christmas cake, but the sky is really the limit where cake creativity is concerned. Cupcakes are all the rage right now, with cake decorating classes taking place in most major cities, and there are many hundreds of recipes both in books and online that can be tailored or altered at the baker’s discretion. Some might not have the time or the culinary skill to attempt baking their own cake, and there are almost endless varieties to buy in shops. Victoria sponge is a classic, as well as Madeira cake or even a rich chocolate fudge cake. Cakes are also great for sharing and can be served with cream or custard for a delicious Christmas treat.

3. Cheese

If a member of the family is a cheese fanatic, buying them a luxurious slab of their favourite food for Christmas can be a wonderful way to get into good graces. A personalised cheese board can show a great level of consideration; these should be carefully assembled with an array of textures and colours. Soft and creamy goat’s cheese, crumbly cheddar, a ‘smelly’ blue cheese or even a cranberry-studded white cheese make great additions to a cheese board. Cheese can also be given as a singular gift; there are many different varieties to choose from, but during the British winters, it pays to opt for a traditional local one. Scottish cheese are particularly delicious, with Mull of Kintyre Cheddar, Caboc and Gurth Dhu all considered the jewels in the crown of the Scottish cheese industry.

2. Beverages

Although not strictly considered food, giving drinks as a Christmas gift is a very old tradition that will continue for many, many years to come. Whether it’s a specially imported bottle of wine for mum, a personalised bottle of whiskey for dad or a bottle of expensive champagne for all the family to share, there is a beverage that everyone (except perhaps the little ones) can enjoy. The drinks can be enjoyed throughout the Christmas season, too; a glass of sherry with Christmas dinner, a sip of whiskey on Boxing Day in front of the fire or even a bottle of local beer when attending a Christmas party.

1. Christmas Food Hamper

Of course, many people will want to push the boat out a little further than simply giving a single item of food as a gift. Luxury food hampers are a wonderful gift to give, and can be filled with a whole manner of favourites for the whole family. Biscuits and sweet treats can be included as a treat for the younger members of the family, while the older family members can enjoy a selection of cured meats, pates, preserves and cheeses. There are a great number of ways in which food hamper can be put together; pre-built hampers combine all-round selections of family favourites, whilst build-your-own hampers can be filled with absolutely anything and make a more personalised and special gift.

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