Football Tipping Site Offers Punters 70% Success Rate

A fastidious football tipper is sharing his knowledge with fellow fans through an online platform where members can get the inside scoop on English and European League matches. With an average success rate of 70%, punters return to Footy Advisor time and time again for a steady stream of sensible, lucrative advice that turns candid tips into cold hard cash.

Sarah Perry, Founder and key informant of Footy Advisor says, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. That’s my motto and it’s what underpins every tip that I post on the site.”

Since 2010 Sarah has been making thousands of pounds a year betting on the outcome of football matches. What started off as a personal cash spinning hobby has now grown into a nationwide tipping platform with a world class reputation. Footy Advisor is the zenith of her success and has quickly grown to become one of the most well-respected football betting platforms in the UK. 

“I started off betting small amounts just for kicks and as I started to win time and time again, I moved onto bigger bets. Soon I was raking in significant winnings and people started asking me for advice. I was surprised at first, but then I decided to set up the site as a way of sharing information and ensuring my tips could be exploited by footy fans across the UK,” added Sarah. 

Unlike other football tipping sites, Footy Advisor has earned itself a reputation for consistently picking and delivering winners. With expertise in the goal, handicap and player markets, the site offers members long-term value for money from every angle. Rather than fluff out the site with a plethora of inaccurate predictions, Footy Advice sticks to quality tips on where and when to bet, lay or avoid. It’s simple, effective and designed to help members win big.

Sarah said, “We love football for its unpredictability and the knowledge that sometimes, the game could end with an astonishingly unexpected result. There are days when Footy Advisor doesn’t get it all right but we do boast a success rate of 70% which makes us one of the most accurate tippers in the business.”

For a one off subscription fee payment of £5 Brits can enjoy a lifetime membership to Footy Advisor and all of Sarah’s insider tips.  Scoring big time on Footy Advisor is easy. Members simply log in to their account, view the tips and use the information to make informed, lucrative bets. This includes in-depth match analyses and betting tips on 10 different games per week. Members also have full access to the site’s flow of live blogs posts, at their fingertips.

The site has been featured on the pages of well-known football blogs, as well as talkSPORT, the world’s biggest dedicated sports radio station.

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Founded by long-term football fan Sarah Perry, Footy Advisor offers punters insider tips on English and European League matches. For a small one off subscription fee members enjoy access to tips boasting a 70% success rate, as well as live blogs written by Sarah.