Friday Sermons used for condemnation of extremism & ISIS

Scholars and Mosques throughout the United Kingdom have used their Friday sermons and pulpits to strongly condemn the extremist group known as Islamic State and the recent Paris attacks. Strong condemnation was given against all forms of extremism.

The Central Association of Sunni Muslims U.K. (Markazi Jamat Ahle Sunnat UK & Overseas ), a large Sunni umbrella body based in U.K. had called upon all Islamic Scholars in U.K to use today’s Friday sermons for strong condemnation of the recent Paris attacks.

Speaking to a large crowd at Jamia Islamia Ghousia Trust in Luton, senior Islamic Scholar Allama Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti stated “ We have seen one of the worst attacks in the history of France take place on Friday, I along with other scholars in UK have strongly spoken out against the extremists which carried out the attack, we have also written to the Ambassador of France as well as PM Cameron stating our disgust and sending our condolences. My senior organisation has asked for today to be a day of condemnation against these barbaric acts and to make clear that they have nothing to do with Islam”

Similar speeches were given throughout U.K. speaking in Birmingham Senior Cleric Syed Zafrullah Shah Stated “ we stand strongly against all forms of extremism and our thoughts are with the loved ones of the deceased. We also ask the people of United Kingdom not to let the enemies win and to stay united in this time of difficulty”

Speaking at Leicester Central Mosque, Senior Imam Allama Shahid Raza OBE during his sermon stated “ We denounce all forms of extremism and terrorism, Islam is a religion whose fundamental principal is peace not war. Those trying to tarnish the name of Islam and Muslims will never succeed. The leaders of this country and in particular the USA need to make it clear that these barbaric attacks have nothing to do with Islam. We stand united with our brothers and sisters in humanity against these evil wrongdoers”

Further north of U.K. President of the Central Association of Sunni Muslims speaking to a packed mosque in Halifax at Jamia Al Zahra stated “May the curse of Allah Almighty be on the terrorists who took these innocent lives. These attacks are an insult not only to Islam but to the whole of Humanity”

Similar speeches denouncing the barbaric attacks and ISIS were given at various mosques and Islamic centres all over the United Kingdom. It was also asked that the British government do more to make clear that the religion of Islam and Muslims have nothing to do with these acts and this ideology.

Recent remarks by President Obama at the G20 summit asking Muslims to ask themselves why  these attacks were happening were also heavily criticised.

The Government was also advised to tread with caution regarding the Syrian War and that any knee jerk reaction must be avoided at all costs. Any decision relating to any form of war should not be based wholly and simply on the recent Paris attacks.

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