From a Hardback to a Kindle Book in No Time

Books are facing a digital revolution – in 2014 Kobo estimated the eBook market to be worth $14.5 billion and predicts by 2017 it will be worth £22 billion. With more and more book fans switching to e-readers, Pearl Scan is encouraging writers and publishers to expand into the digital market to take advantage of the sector’s growth and earning potential.

Pearl Scan Solutions provides book scanning services for the literature industry, including specifically for writers, publishers, archivists and collectors. Using hi-tech state-of-the-art machinery, Pearl Scan can digitise manuscripts and hardback books into any chosen format – Kindle, PDF, Microsoft Word – so that digital copies can be shared around the world.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director of Pearl Scan, says, “There’s no doubt that is writers or publishers stay solely in the print market that they will be losing revenue. eBooks are cheaper to distribute and can be downloaded internationally, increasing earning potential straight away. It’s also quite simply for people to self-publish eBooks, so writers wouldn’t need to share the profit with publishers and agents if they choose to publish their work this way.”

Naveed adds, “Our scanning services can also revive old texts which were published in print before the digital revolution – making opportunities for new editions and sequels to be made available as eBooks.”

With full OCR scanning and conversion software, Pearl Scan makes it easy for writers and publishers to digitise print copies and edit them before they are re-published. This allows fast editing and proofreading of old and new texts, and even historical books can be revived and shared with a wider audience.

Experts in scanning rare and precious books and heritage documents, Pearl Scan can effectively digitise books without damaging the original copy. Bound and unbound books can be processed by different scanners, so a non-destructive method can be used for hardback books, magazines or delicate manuscripts which need to remain in the same condition.

Books of all sizes can be scanned pretty much instantly – so books can be transformed from hardbacks to eBooks and available to a global audience in no time at all.

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