Futuristic TeleDentistry Startup Disrupting Orthodontics In the UK

A new British healthtech start up is focused on helping straighten out the UK’s smiles with the launch of a new product that draws on next generation telemedicine, 3D printing and mobile technology. Using an at-home Diagnostic app controlled system, Straight Teeth Directmakes high quality invisible orthodontics accessible and affordable for all.

77% of adults have crooked teeth yet few adults choose to straighten them due to the usual barriers of ugly socially inconvenient braces, painful appointments at the dentist adjusting brackets & wires and unaffordable price tags.

This is because traditionally treatment meant metal wires & braces which are:

  1. Painful - cutting lips and tongue
  2. Slow - 2 years or more
  3. Inconvenient - repeated visits needed.
  4. Expensive - cost £2000 - £5500

Straight Teeth Direct™  turns all this on its head using clear invisible aligners to straighten teeth, delivered straight to the consumer, and with affordable low cost subscription plans with a saving of 50-70% off high street prices.

This disruptive startup is on a mission to transform orthodontics from an expensive intuitive medicine model to a high quality, low cost precision medicine paradigm.

The goal is to allow millions of adults that always wanted straight teeth to get them, by using state of the art technology, the group is able to actively increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis, while simultaneously lowering costs. It’s at the vanguard of the rapidly growing consumer digital health movement, using advanced mobile app technology, 3D printing and computerised algorithms to increase access and provide custom made, removable orthodontic aligners direct to the customer.

“77% of adults have crooked teeth and we all take more photos than ever on social media yet millions of adults aren’t so happy with their smiles. We want to help change all this and enable more people to get a beautiful healthy straight smile at their own convenience through a  high quality, high tech experience .  ” says Dr Aalok Y Shukla, co-founder of Straight Teeth Direct™ .

The concept was developed by a young husband and wife team who were frustrated with seeing the high costs and social barriers of traditional orthodontics. Having run a busy orthodontic practice for many years, as well as their experience with online and offline businesses, Aalok & Lucie founded Straight Teeth Direct™  to bring teeth straightening into the 21st century.  

Taking advantage of the service is easy, with new patients simply using the Straight Teeth Direct™  app or website to take the initial suitability test, the Smile Quiz. If results indicate that a patient is eligible they can go ahead and order a SmileBox for just £99. This beautiful custom designed pack includes detailed instructions explaining how to take impressions of your teeth, which are then couriered back to Straight Teeth Direct™  HQ. Impressions are then visualised by a 3D scanner, with data used to create a bespoke computerised treatment plan which includes a thorough assessment of all their options as well as a 3D visualised rendering of what their new smile could look like. This is then reviewed by a qualified dentist before being sent to the patient. Once approved, aligners are manufactured using a 3D printer and premium Zendura© materials. Aligners are then delivered direct to the patient’s door, with zero fuss. It’s fast, affordable and the undisputed future of orthodontics.

With most invisible braces costing anywhere from £2000 - £5000, treatment simply isn’t realistic for busy professionals & many families. At just £850 - £1650, Straight Teeth Direct™ makes straight smiles tangible for all. For those worried about the aesthetic intrusion and social embarrassment of braces, Straight Teeth Direct™ fits solutions that are virtually invisible. Furthermore, the group is committed to replacing the confusing and complex orthodontic experience with a friendly, professional and transparent process.

For busy professionals and families who are tech savvy and cosmetically conscious, Straight Teeth Direct™ is a new way to save time and money to get straight teeth, at the touch of a button.

To find out more about Straight Teeth Direct™, visit: http://straightteethdirect.com/

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Developed by entrepreneurs Dr Aalok Y Shukla and Mrs Lucie Marchelot Shukla, Straight Teeth Direct™ brings straight teeth into the Google, Amazon and Uber eras. Using an advanced mobile app, 3D printing and computerised algorithm technology, Straight Teeth Direct™ is revolutionising dentistry, and blazing a trail for the rapidly growing ‘health tech’ movement.