Fuzzy Brush - Stalwart of UK Service Stations Goes Viral in Asia Post-Brexit

A UK stalwart of motorway service stations has gone viral in Asia after a post-Brexit investment in manufacturing. Fuzzy Brush, the chewable toothbrush, has clocked up a 12 fold increase in sales in South Korea in just seven months and is working with retail chains in Japan, China, Thailand and Indonesia who are clamouring to meet customer demand.

The travel-friendly brush, which is also stocked by high street names Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy and Superdrug along with supermarkets Morrisons and Asda, sells 20,000 retail packs every month in the United Kingdom.  This number has been eclipsed with stratospheric sales across Asia in recent months, after the London-based firm pressed ahead with manufacturing investment despite the turmoil caused by the surprise Brexit vote.

Oral health conscious South Koreans have led the Asian boom and have been snapping up Fuzzy Brush products in their thousands. They are now available in over 20,000 stores as of October 2016. Since March, sales have increased from an average of 10,000 packs per month to a current high of 125,000, with a target of 500,000 by early 2017. Fuzzy Brush and its new product line, Fuzzy Rock, are now stocked by most major retailers in the country, including Emart, Lotte Big Market, Lotte LOHBS, Olive Young, CVS, Watsons, Costco and ‘A’ shopping. 

Jim Drew, Fuzzy Brush managing director said, “Xylitol products are extremely popular in South Korea and our company has come almost ‘out of the blue’ with eye-catching packaging and great tasting products. One of the biggest selling points we have is that the product is made in the UK – the Union Jack flag is on the front of the packaging and on the outer boxes that carry them. All these factors combined mean we have a winner!

“Many of the stores in Asia such as Lotte Mart, Watsons, CVS are linked. This means over the last 12 months, our success story in South Korea has spread rapidly amongst stores, as well as distributors who are keen to sell Fuzzy Brush and Fuzzy Rock due to exceptionally high sales. We have already started in Japan, China, Thailand and Indonesia. This has taken months to prepare as we go through Food and Drug Administrations for each country, so we are on track to sell millions of products in the next year.”

Despite fallout from Brexit, Fuzzy Brush invested in new machinery to bring production capacity up to 750,000 retail packs per month in October of this year. This enhanced capacity has been used to service demand for Fuzzy Brush products in Asia and will see the soft mini toothbrush expand to the USA in early 2017.

To find out more about Fuzzy Brush visit http://www.fuzzybrush.com

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Fuzzy Brush is a unique all-in-one chewable toothbrush and breath freshener designed by dentists. It contains 95% Xylitol, a natural sweetener proven to be highly effective at killing bacteria in the mouth, protecting tooth enamel and fighting tooth decay. In addition to Fuzzy Brush capsules and resealable packs, Fuzzy Rocks crystal mints are also available in two flavours, bubbleyum and coolmint.