Genie Umbrella renew their membership with the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association (FCSA)

Genie Umbrella has successfully met the demanding independent standards of the FCSA for a second year running. 

Genie Umbrella, a professional employment organisation, is delighted to announce they have passed yet another vigorous review set by FCSA. The FCSA has a stringent entry and approval process. In order to become a member of FCSA, Genie Umbrella’s processes and documentation were thoroughly investigated and the results voluntarily submitted to HMRC. The FCSA Code is premeditated to be the toughest and most comprehensive code that exists for service providers to the recruitment industry. It involves a full review of an applicant’s business services, operations, policies and processes by means of an extensive questionnaire and onsite assessment reviewed by one of the ‘big four’ accountancy practices.

Damon Cochrane, Operations Director at Genie Umbrella said:

“I am delighted that we have renewed our FCSA membership. We are extremely motivated to play our part in the development and growth of the FCSA. It is vital that our industry has a respected and solid voice that plays a pivotal role in influencing government behaviour, while providing solutions to the recruitment industry that are underpinned with compliance in all the relevant areas.”

Julia Kermode, Chief Executive at the FCSA stated:

“We are extremely pleased Genie Umbrella has consecutively met the high criterions necessary to become a member of the FCSA. As mentioned before, Orange Genie Group has been one of the stars of the industry in recent years and their contribution, effort and attitude helps the FCSA to achieve our objective of supporting the flexible workforce, ensuring nothing less than a reliable, responsible and robust service.”

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