Geoff Crocker Unveils Masterwork Exploring the Philosophy of Technology

International consultant and academic Geoff Crocker blends a number of disciplines in a new book that explores the multifaceted relationship between technology and humanity. Written as a theoretical and practical resource for students, academics and business executives alike, ‘A Managerial Philosophy of Technology’ discusses a radical new approach to exploring and managing this symbiotic association.

With a first class honours degree in economics and an MA in Philosophy of

Science, Crocker has over two decades of corporate experience. Following an initial career in aerospace with Rolls Royce, he worked as a technology market advisor and strategist for international clients including IBM, Yamaha and ABB. The rapid development of the Russian industrial economy went on to absorb his attention, with Crocker developing and implementing corporate strategies for major clients in sectors including SUEK, Power Machines Group, Ilim Pulp, United Heavy Machinery and EBRD. The Russian government later sought his advice on several key issues such as the impact of WTO membership, as well as strategy for the national coal industry. This position led to Crocker authoring the sector’s International Energy Agency report.

Building on vast applied experience, Crocker has penned a pioneering piece

that combines an academic interest in the philosophy of technology with

practical methodologies for business management of technology strategy.

Conceptual, practical, academic and managerial, the book offers

readers a holistic overview of the complex and interdependent relationship

between next generation technologies and humankind.

Throughout the book Crocker develops a new systems network concept

which demonstrates how the symbiosis between humanity and technology is

mediated through science, the economy, productivity and social structure.

“The relationship between technology and humanity has been a lifelong fascination of mine, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to explore the bond in a theoretical analysis that does every element of the symbiosis justice,” says Crocker.

Given its multidisciplinary approach, ‘A Managerial Philosophy of Technology’ is a

valuable tool for a diverse reader base. Students and academics studying the

philosophy of technology at technical universities and MBA schools such as

Imperial College London, UMIST, Cranfield, LBS, Insead, Harvard and Wharton

Can take much from the thought-provoking evaluation. Likewise, technology

companies and their directors are offered thoughts on leveraging

the relationship between products and consumers, while business executives are

given insight into using technology to maximise business value. The book also serves as a highly constructive resource for government agencies, members of technology strategy boards, EU technology centres and any other

professionals concerned with the world’s relationship with technology.

Crocker is currently presenting his work at conference seminars, academic lectures and other events.

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