Get Set Clean Preparing for Sector’s projected £100 Million Growth

Professional UK house cleaning service Get Set Clean is welcoming new predictions that the UK cleaning sector is set to experience a projected £100 million growth this year.

The research was carried out by MTW Research and included an analysis of 70 of the country’s top cleaning contractors. Fuelled by a strong 2015, the sector looked set to exceed expectations with a strong growth period, even in the face of the new National Living Wage which were expected to eat in to profit margins.

Based in London, Get Set Clean has a national network of professional house cleaners. It announced the launch of a new app earlier this month which paired householders with their cleaners, allowing users to make appointments and track the progress of their professional cleaner via an Android or iPhone app.

Christian Stefan from Get Set Clean said, “There is no doubt that the UK cleaning market is booming right now. There are lots of encouraging signs, lots of innovation and a real energy and confidence about the sector right now. One of the things that MTW noted in its report that we are 100% behind is that the introduction of the National Living Wage has the potential to be a really positive thing for the industry by adding a new level of professionalism.

“MWT said that modern technology was also likely to influence growth is something we are already seeing ourselves, thanks to the launch of the Get Set Clean app. This is the first of its kind we believe and a really good example of how every type of cleaning business, from smaller firms up to the bigger contract cleaning outfits, can use new technology to really drive their business forwards. We’re starting to see lots of innovation and lots of exciting things happening.”

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