Global Fashion Muse Sissi Johnson is Industry’s It Girl Antidote

Sissi Johnson is darling of fashion week and inspires designers, editors and young women around the globe with her fresh approach to fashion

Muse, Journalist, Brand Strategist and Mentor Sissi Johnson has been hailed by ELLE UK as “making waves this fashion week” and named one of the best 6 Instagrams to follow alongside style pioneer Garance Doré. Formerly Editor-at-Large of SOMA Magazine (USA), Sissi headlined coveted designer brand Mansur Gavriel’s New York Fashion Week presentation, not as model but as muse. Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2016 saw Sissi featured on Net-a-Porter and Refinery29's Instagram and from New York to Paris. Sissi walks a new walk in fashion and motivates others to conduct business conscientiously and stylishly.
With her inimitable look, Sissi’s statuesque 5’11” frame inevitably catches the attention of designers and photographers alike. It was on Rue Saint Honoré during Paris Couture Week that Sissi serendipitously met NYC-based designers Floriana and Rachel of sought-after bag brand Mansur Gavriel. The fashionable encounter led to an impromptu photo shoot and scored over 19,000 Instagram likes and counting.
Sissi’s aesthetic beauty and style are magnetic while her sharp business conduct compels experts within the fashion world and beyond to follow her lead. With a presence in Paris and New York, Sissi is the go-to for advice across the creative spectrum. The savvy entrepreneur is a trusted consultant to a host of enterprises she refers to as “awesome brands and influencers”. Through these strong relationships she bridges gaps in sectors where women are under-represented such as fashion technology. Sissi has used her branding expertise to lead ground-breaking companies such as Airbnb from strength to strength on an international scale.
Sissi’s heart is in education and she lectures at top fashion schools such as ESMOD Paris on topics including The Business of Modeling, Personal Branding and Fashion Entrepreneurship. She is a dedicated mentor and sets aspiring young women on the path to career success with her strategic guidance. “Sissi’s unique vision and insight towards women enables her to really speak to models and girls alike, to continue to inspire and help them succeed in career and future” says Model Samantha Xu who has graced the pages of I-D magazine and Vogue Italia.
Sissi is also a contributor for The Huffington Post and reaches out to the most exciting fashion initiatives of the moment. This summer, Sissi covered ‘The Fashion Project’ during the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, a laudable initiative bringing awareness to fashion for people with disabilities.
Where fashion evolves, Sissi Johnson is at the centre of an honest revolution. Sissi has a fresh take on business and is always at the forefront of progress, be it striving to close the gender gap in fashion tech or shedding light on new directions within the modelling industry. With grace and style, Sissi sparks synergy between brands and professionals across the globe and still has time to look every inch the goddess.

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Muse, Brand Strategist and Mentor Sissi Johnson helps international brands and creatives grow through brand development, consulting and strategic partnerships. Based in Paris and New York, Sissi is an approachable, practical and easy to work with strategist that will take your project from concept to completion, in style.